You need economical yet reliable monitoring

Need economical yet reliable alarm monitoring equipment

Your new facility needs the critical monitoring it deserves. Every network element has to have protection to keep the system up and running 24/7 without breaking the budget. Alarms need to be SNMP-based so your current alarm management system can accept the incoming traps and convert those over to a usable message to be displayed and dispatched to your technicians.

No matter what available transport, protocol requirements, or capacity needs you may have for your sites, DPS has a solution for your nextwork.

Your network is properly protected

Alarm remotes such as the NetGuardian LT series can send SNMP traps to your SNMP manager by default. The series also features native -48VDC power input to match the site's power availability, and it is an economical solution - without breaking the budget. Its technology comes from a long line of widely deployed predecessors, such as the NetGuardian 832A. It is technology that is proven reliable, innovative, and successful.

Netguardian 832A

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