DPS Has Superior OEM Services For Remote Site Management

OEM Integration of alarm monitoring

  • You're looking for success
    Providing your customers with a state of the art alarm monitoring is mandatory to the success of your product.
  • Customers have high expectations for innovation
    Your customers are expecting a very high degree of network visibility and their diverse network architectures requires a flexible solution that will grow with and adapt to their network over time.
  • Don't be at a competitive disadvantage
    Alarm monitoring is essential and without it, you is at a competitive and technological disadvantage.

State of the Art alarm monitoring for Next Generation

DPS Telecom monitoring products represent the "Best In Class". By integrating DPS Telecom's alarm tools in your product line, your customers are assured of maximum visibility, functionality and reliability. It's our company standard to reach beyond the minimum of what's expected and to deliver the best. Our long list of customers attests to this fact.

With the advantage of vertical integration, DPS is able to drastically slash your time-to-market with an in-house engineering office, production facility, metal shop, and testing lab. "Vertical integration makes DPS custom design services possible," said Production Manager Annette Rinehart. "Some of our OEM clients require special design modifications, and you can only do that if you do the manufacturing yourself." With the ability to completely design, manufacture, and ship new products on-site, DPS can go from conception to delivery in a matter of weeks.