SNMP Conversion to SNMPv3

If you have older SNMP gear in your network that is not being converted to SNMPv3, then your network could be at risk. SNMPv3 uses encryption to secure your network. This white paper walks you through how to protect your gear, and your investment, using SNMPv3 security. With several quick and easy implementation options, integrating SNMPv3 into your network is easier than ever.

SNMPv3 finally offered security by encrypting traps, but now you were staring down a new problem: What do you do with all of your older SNMP gear? Much of it simply was not powerful enough to support encryption, and you probably couldn't afford to replace it.

This white paper explains how to convert your older SNMP traps to SNMPv3

  • A small investigation with big ROI
  • Patch a significant security risk
  • Boost efficiency with a simpler system
snmp conversion white paper