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The Protocol - March 2002

Cover Story:
Customized Monitoring Equipment Covers 100% of What You Need

Deploying quality network monitoring equipment that addresses 100% of a company's needs in today's telecommunications industry is a formidable task.

Oftentimes a company is forced to settle on a product that takes care of most of what they need, but is unable to address the remaining 15%. As such, companies are forced to either go without, or purchase an additional product to cover their remaining needs. This leads to increased costs, decreased rack space, and it can also raise issues regarding compatibility problems between equipment bought from different vendors.

NTP Serial Shelf
Custom development: The NTP was a custom developed solution for AT&T.

Creating custom network monitoring solutions that address every concern has long been a flagship service of DPS Telecom. For years, clients have presented monitoring needs to DPS that required customized development, engineering and integration. To accommodate these requests, DPS sends engineers on-site to examine power sources, protocols being used, interfaces, alarm capacity, as well as any other concerns the client might have. After consultation and engineering analysis, a full proposal is created for the client outlining the various aspects and requirements to create the custom solution - all at no cost.

Furthermore, DPS provides a no-risk money back guarantee for every product it produces that states "If you buy our equipment and are not satisfied for any reason during the first 30 days, simply return it."

One of the many examples of DPS' effort to customize a solution to meet the needs of a client was the deployment of the NTP (Network Telemetry Processor) project for AT&T. This project called for the replacement of a discontinued product that AT&T had been using that utilized very specialized protocols that were not industry standards. DPS spent many hundreds of hours at the customer location and in it's own development lab creating the customized NTP.

Walt Dziama, Transport Systems Manager for AT&T, said "This complex telemetry mediation device is vital to the continuing success of AT&T's mission critical Transport Maintenance Platform. Considering the very strict AT&T OS systems compatibility requirements we placed on you, and the short project timelines we both faced on this project, we are very pleased with the remarkable end results. DPS Telecom has done a fantastic job, and your entire team has far exceeded our very high expectations."

The NTP is a mediation device used in the Transport Maintenance Platform. It monitors digital radio, high capacity cross connect and power plant network elements. It collects and stores alarm and performance information for transmission to a higher level management element.

DPS In-House Customization

Have you ever purchased a monitoring unit and felt disappointed because it didn't meet your exact needs? You're not satisfied and you'd like to get more out of your currently deployed remote. Doesn't it feel like a waste of time and money? We've all been in a similar situation. When we a buy a monitoring unit, we'd like for them to meet or exceed our needs.

DPS offers a select line of remotes that will meet your monitoring application's exact requirements. Should you need an extra feature or more, DPS can customize a unit to fulfill or surpass your monitoring system's need for a small additional cost.

Product customization at DPS is conducted through a process called vertical integration. This in-house process controls every aspect of product customization: engineering and design, manufacturing, and testing before shipping it out to our clients. Since DPS's engineering, production, and metal fabrication department are literally located across the street from each other, this process allows DPS to keep their customization costs low. This eliminates the cost for extensive shipping from department to department. As a result, you may end up paying more with a vendor that outsources.

DPS Telecom's Engineering and Production Department work together to design and manufacture the right customized units for your monitoring application. The Engineering and Production Department are within walking distance of each other. If there's a problem with the design of a customized unit, DPS engineers will meet to develop the best solution. If there is a problem during the manufacturing phase, DPS metal fabricators and production staff will quickly be notified of any changes made to a particular customized unit in the making. To ensure your newly customized remotes are working properly, they will undergo a series of tests performed by different technicians.

These tests will render your customized units self certified NEBS compliant through DPS. If you insist on your units being NEBS certified, please note that there will be an additional cost added. In-house testing conducted by DPS technicians include:

  • EMI levels testing conducted in an anechoic chamber.
  • Torture test that includes powering the unit on/off every 3 seconds for 24 hours.
  • Drop test that measures the unit's durability from being dropppd at various heights.
  • Vibration test that measure the unit's long-term stress by simulating it being in the back of a shipping car.

With DPS's vertical integration, your finished customized units from DPS should ship and arrive sooner versus outsourcers. You can expect your customized units from DPS to arrive in a few weeks versus a few months.

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