Create Your Own Perfect Fit Remote Telemetry Unit With A Modular Alarm Systems From DPS Telecom.

Design your own alarm system, with the features and capacities you want. Our modular systems feature pre-wired shelves, so you can change or add capacities simply by adding cards, with no rewiring required. Create your own perfect fit with the Modular Alarm Systems. No more purchasing a system that has more capacity than you could ever use, or compromising on features you actually do need. With a module alarm system, you get exactly what you need.

Advanced Telemetry System

Advanced Telemetry System (ATS)

The ATS is a network monitoring solution providing best-of-class network visibility in a flexible, scalable framework. The ATS can be scaled to meet your exact network monitoring needs. There's an ATS card to monitor every element of your network-discrete alarms, analog alarms, and control relays. The ATS is more useful in high-density alarming sites like large data centers. These are facilities that house computer systems and associated components like telecommunications and storage systems. They have hundreds to thousands of alarm inputs that the ATS is well suited to monitor.

Modular Alarm System

Modular Alarm System (MAS)

The MAS allows you to make large RTUs for the exact capacity and functions you require. Many protocols are supported, including TL1. This system is great for central offices or sites with a lot of discrete alarms (major, minor, environmental, security, etc.). The MAS uses a unique Micro-LAN Channel for data communications between modules.

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