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6 Outside Plant Monitoring Options You Should Avoid (3-6)

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3) Pay Someone Else For an Internet Connection

You can pay someone else to bring Internet to your locations, but that's hardly an elegant solution. Even if you use this method, you burden yourself (and your IS department) with an unknown array of security hassles. Once your data leaves your company network, you never know whose hands it might fall into.

4) Replace Your Fully-Functional Transport Equipment

You could update your transport equipment to drop off LAN, but that is an expensive and very slow process. Chances are very good your current equipment isn't very old and/or not fully depreciated. In any case, it's still doing the job, and you shouldn't have to replace it.

5) Pay For Dialup Service

If telephone service is available, you could conceivably monitor via-dialup, but you'll be paying monthly charges (and sometimes toll charges) for every one of your sites. Also, you'll deny yourself the benefit of extending your WAN.

6) Install Low-Speed Dedicated Circuits

You could put in a dedicated circuit, but that's slow, expensive, and requires a fair amount of supporting infrastructure. Also, remember that dedicated circuits aren't going to extend your WAN either.

After facing this set of depressing alternatives, it's no wonder that you probably aren't very excited about the prospect of monitoring your outside plant sites. Fortunately, a new trend in monitoring technology is set to change the way you think about monitoring in areas without LAN.

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