Monitoring Alarms Over T1 : Extend Your Visibility with Robust Outside Plant Monitoring

How can you achieve visibility of your outside plant sites and provide Ethernet to your other gear?

Monitoring sites outside of your existing LAN used to be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Now, new technology allows you to effectively monitor sites when T1 is the only available connection. Discover the keys to monitoring your outside plant sites, efficiently providing Ethernet to your other gear, and maximizing your ROI.

You've just been put in charge of purchasing, selecting, or recommending a new network alarm system for your company. Where do you start? What alarm equipment do you need? What monitoring features are essential, and which can you live without? How can you make sure your network is fully protected, without spending too much on equipment you won't use? Can you count on a vendor to support you when you are responsible for maintaining a monitoring system? This White Paper is a quick guide to how you can answer these questions for yourself.

This white paper will show you how to:

  • Monitor your outside plant sites
  • Cost-effectively provide Ethernet to site equipment
  • Maximize your ROI
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