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6 Outside Plant Monitoring Options That You Should Avoid

If you don't think you have any good outside plant monitoring options, you used to be right. Until very recently, you might have been able to make a decent case for not monitoring your outside plant sites. Your available options just weren't very good, being expensive, time-consuming, or both. Here are some traditional monitoring options that you should avoid:

Common excuses for doing nothing:

  • "It's not my job."
  • "It's not my problem."
  • "Hopefully we won't have a problem."

If your network is at risk, it IS your problem.

1) Do Nothing

You can always, of course, do what many people do: Nothing at all. You have the option of leaving your sites at risk, increasing the chance of a revenue-draining outage. Many people fall into this trap because it requires no additional short-term effort, but it never fails to cause them grief over the long term.

If you think avoiding proactive monitoring expense now means you won't pay later, think again. You will pay and you'll pay with interest!

2) Install Expensive Infrastructure

You could theoretically install expensive infrastructure that would deliver LAN to the site, but you probably don't have the available budget. Even if you do, the ROI for that kind of large-scale installation simply isn't there. These solutions require lots of planning, people, and approvals, often dooming them to failure before they start. They're simply too big to make happen.

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