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Praise from our Partners: Directly inform your technicians of remote problems without relying on the NOC

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Unique applications:
Our clients keep amazing us with new application stories for the AlphaMax. From using it as a paging device on shuttle route, to monitoring a yacht's condition and firing up the battery charger before a major voyage, the AlphaMax is being used in ways we never imagined. Tell us your unique application and we'll print it in an issue of The Protocol.

Fits in the palm
of your hand:
AlphaMax can monitor
8 alarm points and
control 2 remote devices.


In the beginning of the Click! Network, here in Tacoma about 3 years ago, the NOC center staff providing surveillance of the broadband portion of the network could not always be as diligent as we would have liked in reporting alarm condition, equipment failures, and important network actions to the broadband technicians. My goal was to help them keep an eye on the network, and avoid any alarms going unnoticed, possibly resulting in service interruption.

The AlphaMax was just the right product for this application. It enabled the technicians to be notified of alarm conditions independent of the NOC staff. Several times, during the first months of network operation, service affecting conditions were reported by the AlphaMax unit to a technician, who would then call the NOC staff to see if they had any alarms.


Ted Van Tuyl
Broadband Lead Technician
Click! Network


I am writing to tell you about how we use the AlphaMax. WFAA has a radar site located 35 miles from its central offices in Dallas. The distance required that we have the ability to monitor our equipment room temperatures and be able to reset equipment remotely.

The AlphaMax unit performs both of these functions well. If the temperature goes above or below the preset levels, we are notified via an alpha page. If we need to reset a computer or network switch, we just simply dial into the AlphaMax and put in the code to send a signal to our remote power switch.


Reed Wilson
Technical Operations Supervisor

Robert A. Berry, CEO
Robert A. Berry, CEO

"What's old is new again." This was a statement from one of the speakers at a TIA seminar featuring many of the top CLECs at this year's SuperComm. He emphasized the 'old-fashioned' way of doing business that focuses on servicing your customers before considering adding new whiz-bang technologies. His main point - to offer network uptime and quality of service.

This statement was confirmed in a recent survey where we found that 42% of companies felt that reliability and uptime are the greatest challenges facing the industry. Even more staggering, companies reported that 25% of their customer churn over the last year was due to poor network reliability.

At DPS our mission is to provide our clients with the solutions necessary to help them keep their networks running and their customers satisfied.

Robert A. Berry, CEO