Ordering Options

Ordering Options and Part Numbers:
TMON T/Mon LNX Master Station: D-PK-TMLNX.
T/Mon SLIM Master Station: D-PK-TMONS.
T/Mon BAS Master Station: D-PK-TMBAS.

T/Mon LNX is a general-purpose telemetry master that also serves as the hub of the Building Access System. Special pricing is available for dedicated door-control-only T/Mon applications.

NetGuardians NetGuardian 832A/864A G5: D-PK-NETG5.
NetGuardian 216F: D-PK-NETGF.
NetGuardian 420: D-PK-NG420.
Building Access 32: D-PK-BACTL.

NetGuardian RTUs are general-purpose monitoring devices that you deploy at your remote sites. They can serve as hosts for one or multiple Entry Control Units (ECUs) to control individual doors electronically.

ECU Entry Control Unit LAN: D-PK-ECULN.
Entry Control Unit G3: D-PK-ECUG3.

ECUs are installed inside of each door to actually control access. They can be standalone (LAN-equipped) or connected to a host NetGuardian at sites that also need equipment and environmental monitoring.

Building Access New! Building Access Proxy & Keypad: D-PK-BAPKP.
BA Keypad Keypad: D-PK-KEYPD. This keypad is used in conunction with the Building Access System to require a keypad access code in order to enter a door.
Proxy card reader Proxy Card Reader: D-PK-PROXI.
Magnetic Door Locks New! Electromagnetic Door Locks: D-PK-EMLCK.
Electronic door strike Electronic Door Strike: D-PK-STRIK.
Motion Sensors Interior/Exterior Motion Sensor (Discrete):
Motion Sensor Motion Sensor (Discrete):
Push to exit button Push to Exit Button: D-PK-SENSR-12007.00001.
Door sensor Door Sensor (Surface Mount):

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