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With Free Tech Support, You Don't Have to Reach For Your Wallet as You Reach For The Phone

How many times has it happened to you? You really need tech support, but paying for it is just painful. There's nothing worse than having to reach for your wallet while you're reaching for the phone.

You need a vendor that recognizes the big investment you already made when you bought your gear. Shouldn't you be able to talk to Tech Support for a few minutes without racking up a huge bill?

At DPS, we couldn't agree more. That's why all of our diverse products include free lifetime technical support. But just because support is free doesn't mean it's not also great. Actually, you'll find DPS support is some of the best you've ever received.

You won't find any script-reading interns in the DPS Tech Support department. Every one of our support engineers has extensive experience developing and working with your DPS monitoring system. Plus, our entire support team is located at our headquarters in Fresno, California, USA.

Ralph K.
Ralph K.
ATC Microwave
"DPS has the best customer and tech support of any vendor I have worked with in the twenty-five years I have been in the industry. I wish that all vendors' support were as good as yours."

Plus, if necessary, your tech support issue will go straight to the top of the company. Even DPS President Marshall DenHartog back up the Tech Support team when you have a particularly tricky support need.

Danny B.
Danny B.
Consolidated Communications
"The (DPS) Factory support is awesome. Tech support has always been very responsive with any issues that we have, which, by the way, is not very many."

And what if you have a support emergency in the middle of the night on a weekend? Is there a charge for that? Not at DPS Telecom.

7x24 emergency tech support is available at no cost. A DPS support engineer is always on-call to handle your after-hours emergencies. We understand that your equipment doesn't always choose convenient times to have problems. That's why we never charge for tech support, even if you have an emergency at 3 in the morning.

Tom W.
Tom W.
Comporium Communications
"Every time that I've contacted DPS Tech Support, I've gotten really good results. The people I've talked to have been knowledgeable and willing to work with us. At times when we've had a pressing issue, DPS provided immediate help. The tech support I have dealt with over the years at DPS has impressed me."

The next time you're considering an alarm monitoring purchase, think about the ongoing cost of tech support. We've heard horror stories of $200/hour or more - just for basic support issues during normal business hours. Don't trap yourself in a situation you'll regret later.

Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to learn more about our broad line of alarm monitoring and order wire products. They're all are backed by free lifetime tech support, so you'll never need your wallet when you're reaching for the phone.