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Protocol mediation options: NetGuardian and NetMediator

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T/Mon NOC is a large-scale protocol mediation solution designed for combining alarms from your entire network to a single stream of SNMP trap data. But if you need protocol mediation on a smaller, less complex scale, you might be interested in the NetGuardian and NetMediator.

These RTU-sized, remote site devices are just right for simple protocol mediation applications.

NetGuardian 832A SNMP remote telemetry unit

The NetGuardian 832A is a full-featured SNMP RTU, or proxy agent device, which mediates contact closures and analog voltages to SNMP traps. The NetGuardian supports 32 discrete inputs, 32 ping alarms, 8 analog inputs, 8 controls, and 8 serial reach-through ports, and it reports to multiple SNMP managers and T/Mon NOC.

For more information, check out the NetGuardian on the Web at www.dpstelecom.com/netguardian.

NetMediator SNMP RTU and protocol mediation device

The NetMediator has all the RTU capabilities of the NetGuardian - plus, it mediates inputs from other devices to SNMP. The NetMediator isn't a general protocol mediator like T/Mon; it's a small, dedicated platform for mediating one protocol to SNMP. A new NetMediator design can be custom-tailored for your specific monitoring needs; off the shelf, there are NetMediator models for mediating TBOS and TABS to SNMP.

Which of these options is right for your network? It all depends on your specific applications and needs. Before you decide, get some expert advice.

Call 1-800-693-0351 and ask to speak to a DPS Telecom Applications Engineer about a free network needs assessment. You won't get any pressure to buy or pushy salesmen - just some honest, expert help. You have my word on it.

How do I know it works?

T/Mon NOC is not a new or untested product. T/Mon units have been in the field for years, successfully performing SNMP and TL1 mediation tasks for clients who need stable, bulletproof monitoring to support their mission-critical operations.

What do clients who use DPS protocol mediation solutions say?

"I was looking for a way to integrate our local ILEC region into HP OpenView without a major network change. T/Mon's SNMP responder was the answer. The migration will allow us not only to monitor all alarms in one spot but also build extensive collection reports of our whole network."
Todd Matherne, EATEL

"DPS Telecom gave us a reliable way of accessing a variety of equipment, regardless of the brand or provider. We now have a common interface for our existing system."
Harold Moses, KMC Telecom

"DPS told us we didn't have to pay if it didn't work. It works and it's sweet."
Glenn Lippincott, Southern Company

"It's hard to find companies with the intelligence and aptitude to meet the customer's exact needs, and I believe that is what DPS is all about."
Lee Wells, Pathnet

If you'd like to see more real-life examples of what people are achieving with T/Mon NOC, check out www.dpstelecom.com/case-studies.

Where can I get more information?

You can get more background information on SNMP and TL1 mediation from the DPS Telecom Web site. We offer white papers, interactive Web demonstrations, online application guides and our bimonthly ezine, The Protocol.

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