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Securely Forward Alarms to Your SNMPv3 Manager

SNMPv3 Responder Module
The SNMPv3 Responder software module allows T/Mon to forward alarms as SNMPv3 traps to a higher-level SNMP manager.

For many years, T/Mon has been capable of forwarding alarms as SNMP Traps using the SNMP Responder software module. This is a critical component if you want to bring all of your alarms (even from legacy or proprietary gear) under your SNMP management umbrella.

With the introduction of SNMPv3, security-conscious organizations were able to encrypt their SNMP communications and protect their management system. At DPS, we heard from our T/Mon client base that this enhanced security was becoming an important requirement. Several clients were standardizing on SNMPv3. Company policy meant they couldn't continue forwarding alarms from T/Mon using SNMPv1 - but the idea of returning to several incompatible monitoring systems was almost unthinkable.

What these T/Mon users needed was an enhanced software module that was capable of sending SNMPv3 traps. It would need to support the privacy and authentication standards of the new protocol version.

Seeing an unanswered client need, the DPS Engineering Team developed the new "SNMPv3 Responder" T/Mon software module. It fully supports all SNMPv3 trap security standards, and it's very simple to set up. In fact, the only change that users of the v1 module will see is a new menu of SNMPv3 security options. SNMPv2c forwarding is also supported by this new module.

Of course, even as we develop a new software feature, we recognize that not all T/Mon users will need it. That's why the SNMPv1 Responder software module will remain available. If you don't need to forward alarms via SNMPv3 or SNMPv2c, you can purchase the v1 module instead. There's really no sense in buying something you won't use, is there?

To request pricing information for the SNMPv3 Responder software module (or a new T/Mon master station that includes this module), call DPS at 1-800-622-3314 or use the form below to send a request to Mac Smith.