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Required to Use SNMPv3? We'll Mediate v1 & v2c For You

How much SNMP v1 & v2c equipment do you have in your network? At most companies, it's a big number.

Despite the obvious advantages of an open standard, early versions of SNMP (v1 & v2c) were not built with security in mind. This poses a big challenge today if you work at a security-conscious organization, like a utility or government entity, that now requires encrypted SNMPv3.

If you've got a lot of SNMP v1 & v2c equipment in your network combined with a requirement to use only secure SNMPv3, it may seem like you've been given 2 incompatible goals:

  1. Stop using all of your SNMP v1 & v2c equipment.
  2. Don't spend budget money on new SNMPv3 equipment.

What you need is a small (and relatively inexpensive) box that will mediate SNMP v1 & v2c traps to encrypted SNMPv3.

NetGuardian V16

That's why the DPS engineers have added a new modification for the NetGuardian V16. This compact RTU is now capable of mediating v1 & v2c traps to SNMPv3.

Your older SNMP equipment will send unencrypted traps only as far as the local NetGuardian (not across the wider network). The NetGuardian will convert the trap to SNMPv3 and send it back to your central SNMP manager. You'll comply with your security rules without blowing your budget on brand-new infrastructure.

SNMP Mediation DPS Telecom

Of course, because the NetGuardian V16 is also a fully capable alarm remote, you can also use it for remote monitoring of non-SNMP equipment (ex. convert contact closures to SNMPv3). If your application does not require an alarm remote, you can order the V16 without alarming to reduce cost.

Video review of NetGuardian V16 G2

Contact DPS today to discuss the full specifications of this new SNMP-mediating RTU. Even if you need something a little different, you should call and speak with one of our engineers. This new functionality is a direct result of a client request. We're just as eager to handle your special request, too.