Megasys Telenium - RTUs That Are Compatible With This Master

Are you spending unnecessary time and cost ensuring that your RTU is integrated with your Megasys Telenium manager? What if the RTU you deployed at your site was field-proven to work with your Megasys Telenium SNMP Manager? Having that information will save you valuable time and resources.

Megasys Telenium is just one of several SNMP managers that has been extensively field-tested to seamlessly integrate with DPS Telecom SNMP remotes.

DPS RTUs offer flawless integration with your Megasys Telenium and other critical SNMP devices with a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

Megasys Telenium Background Information

The key function of Megasys Telenium is to provide operators with a means to immediately detect network problems and "zoom" into the affected equipment to isolate and correct the problem. This function is achieved through a high-resolution graphic interface to a high performance network database. Because of its functionality, it is essential to make sure that your RTU is able to integrate with Megasys Telenium.

  • A real-time object oriented database capable of handling 100 million points.
  • High availability through a fault tolerant architecture.
  • High-speed display of alarms once received by the host computer.
  • Control of alarm thresholds through software.
  • Alarming when network element configuration controls are issued.
  • Temporary alarm override (alarm clearing) allowed.
  • Full viewing of all network element devices including remote databases.
  • Storage of historical data to allow for at least one year of on-line historical data at 2000 alarms per day (depending on disk space available.)
  • Historical reports configurable by customer.
  • Database utility programs provided. e.g. file listings, file access programs.
  • System security and data integrity provided through multiple levels of access accounts and passwords.

For a seamless integration of your remotes with Megasys Telenium, call DPS today to learn more about RTUs that are guaranteed to work for you.