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Using an SNMP Manager to Prevent Power Outages

Each year many networks, just like yours, will experience downtime or outages due to environmental conditions.

Odds are you've probably already experienced a crippling outage that brought your network to a halt - leaving you with giant headaches, lost revenue, and throngs of angry customers ready to take their business elsewhere.

Or have you been one of the lucky ones? Either way, the stability and uptime of your network is not something you can afford to gamble with. You need to ensure that your network is reliable and protected from easily preventable threats.

Industry examples of SNMP Manager applications
You can use an SNMP manager in a variety of different industries. Dont' leave your network and equipment vulnerable - get a good SNMP manager for protection.

Protecting your network doesn't have to be a hassle
The good news is you no longer have to roll the dice to maintain network uptime. Simple and easy solutions exist that make your network more reliable than ever before.

How much is your network uptime worth to you? What would you be willing to do to ensure that you'll be the first to know the instant there's a threat to your gear - to guarantee that you'll be able to respond fast and effectively at the first sign of trouble?

By using the right network monitoring technology, you can implement safeguards to help you avoid preventable outages.

The keyword here is "right" network monitoring technology. Leaving your gear unmonitored is bad, but trusting your equipment to be monitored by the wrong solution can be even worse.

It's a shame that too many monitoring systems fail to see the big picture - causing them to leave out critical features that you can't live without. With a system like this, you're tricked into a false sense of security. You may think that you're protecting yourself from threats to your gear, but in reality, you're far from protected.

SNMP Diagram
With a good SNMP manager you can receive alerts and notifications from a variety of different devices and protocols over LAN.

Choosing the right system doesn't have to be hard
Getting the right SNMP manager is all about having the right information to make good decisions. Choosing the right system shouldn't give you a headache, but it is important that you know what you need - so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Just imagine how much easier your job would be if you could receive notifications via SNMP whenever there was a threat to your network. How many hours of wasteful and costly downtime could you avoid if you simply knew about a problem before it cripples your network?

Never again will you be caught off guard when your network goes down and your customers know before you do. Achieving this level of reality doesn't have to be a dream - you can make it a reality.

Consider the following scenarios to truly understand the power of having the right SNMP monitoring technology:

You have thousands upon thousands of dollars invested in your equipment at one of your remote sites. On a hot summer day, the cooling system responsible for maintaining the right temperature for this equipment goes down. Your limited SNMP manager sends you a notification, "Analog Input #4 Alert." This notification gets lost in a sea of nuisance alarms and by the time you get it, you realize there's an issue, but you have no idea how to rapidly respond to this vague alert. Several devices end up powering down, ultimately disrupting service to your customers. If you had only received a prompt alert with meaningful detail, you could have immediately dispatched technicians and avoided the entire headache.

Now compare that to this scenario:

Again, you have a lot of expensive equipment located at one of your remote sites. One day, the cooling system goes down. You receive an alert "Remote Site C Fan Failure." Instantly you know your network uptime is compromised, so you immediately dispatch your technicians to get the cooling back online. Your technicians make it out to the site, fix the fan, and return the temperature to normal levels. Crisis averted.

In the first scenario you weren't able to effectively respond because your SNMP manager was sending you vague alerts. The problem slowly became worse, until it eventually crippled your entire network. Compare this to the second scenario, where you instantly knew about the problem before it could cause serious damage.

The right SNMP manager can bring you this level of reliability. No longer will serious threats go unnoticed, only to build up to the point of causing severe damage.

Getting the Information you need
Fortunately, quality resources exist to help get you started monitoring your network the right way. By arming yourself with the right information, you're taking the first step to securing your network - and your bottom line.

Because monitoring your network is a serious job, you need a serious solution. So, how do you choose the right technology? By downloading DPS Telecom's free SNMP White Paper.

How do you know this guide is the right one to arm you with the information you need? Simple, because it's written by Marshall DenHartog and his 15 years of SNMP experience. He has experience creating SNMP systems, developing private MIB extensions, and developing SNMP-based monitoring for several nationwide networks. His experience has equipped him to write a straightforward guide for real-world SNMP use.

What you will learn with this guide...

  • 5 essential capabilities for SNMP remote terminal units, so you don't waste money on the wrong system
  • 4 signs you need protocol mediation, so you can gradually migrate from your old system
  • 7 reasons why a basic SNMP manager is a lousy telemetry master, so you know your money is well-spent
  • 7 features that SNMP managers can't match, so you don't find yourself missing the key features you need
  • 5 steps to start your SNMP monitoring project, so your SNMP implementation project can be as smooth as possible

Don't leave your network - and your revenue - vulnerable any longer. Download your free SNMP White Paper today to start protecting your network.

Expert consultation...at no extra cost to you
By downloading this White Paper you'll also be getting free consultation with SNMP monitoring experts. Designing and implementing your monitoring system on your own can be one of the riskiest things you do. You'll run the risk of misusing resources, missing opportunities, and overlooking key details that send your project way over budget.

The way to avoid these expensive mistakes is to consult with an expert on how to design the right solution to fit your needs. After downloading your White Paper, call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) the experts at DPS Telecom to start designing the perfect-fit solution for your network...for free.

Don't wait any longer - get started protecting your network today.