NetGuardian 832A Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) Extends to Cover All Your Remote Monitoring and Control Needs

The NetGuardian 832A has standard remote telemetry unit capabilities, but can provide a whole new level of additional value.

The NetGuardian's primary function is to mediate contact closures and analog voltages to SNMP traps - but it also serves as a reach-through terminal server, a self-contained all-in-one remote telemetry unit, a 24/7 email and paging system.

Other features and functions of the evolutionary NetGuardian832A:

This versatile remote telemetry unit is the ideal network monitoring solution and is the next evolution in the NetGuardian Series with new enhancements like Dual Ethernet, SNMPv2c, Multi-SNMP Manager support, High Speed Serial Ports, multiple communication methods and more.

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What can the NetGuardian Do For You?

The NetGuardian 832A also supports a second global SNMP manager, so it's easier than ever to support a more secure redundant master architecture.
The NetGuardian 832A is RoHS 5 approved, for overseas clients requiring RoHS compliant units.

Ready To Install and Configure

The NetGuardian 832A is an easy-to-install remote telemetry unit, with industry standard connectors for all serial and LAN ports, alarm, analog, and control wiring. Hinged back panels with all wire wrap or pluggable connections are also available for other installation options. The unit mounts quickly in either 19" or 23" equipment racks while occupying only one rack unit of space.

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