Remote Alarm Block - Exceptional Value In A Small Package

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The Remote Alarm Block (RAB) combines the high alarm capacity of an alarm block with the convenience and power of an RTU. With 176 alarm points and 4 controls, the RAB is ideal for medium sized sites where there is limited rack space and a large amount of alarm points.

Remote Alarm Block 176N
Remote Alarm Block: The RAB is perfect
for collecting a large amount of alarms
in a small space.

The unit mounts easily in a rack, or it can be wall mounted to save space. The removable card allows you to swap cards without disconnecting alarm points. Access via the front panel craft port allows for on-site provisioning of the unit.

Additionally, the RAB can be configured to communicate using several different industry protocols. The standard unit provides TL1 over RS232 or DCP over RS232 (or RS485). Optional communication methods include E2A over 202 or TL1 over TCP/IP. The IP version of the unit contains an embedded Web Browser for convenient monitoring and provisioning.

The RAB is a powerful, compact, versatile remote that helps to keep your revenue generating equipment running. It allows you to conserve rack space while giving you complete visibility of your remote sites. This economical unit is the ideal solution for network managers who need high alarm capacity in a small amount of space.

Call today and talk to one of our Application Engineers to find out how your network could benefit from the RAB or other monitoring products from DPS Telecom. Your success is at the heart of our no-risk solution designs.

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