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NetMediator: Send TBOS Alarms Directly to Your SNMP or TL1 Manager

If you've got TBOS equipment in the field, and an SNMP or TL1 manager in the NOC, getting all your boxes to talk to each other can be a challenge. The simplest way is to bring contact closure alarms out of your field gear - but do you really want to monitor critical equipment with just major-minor summary alarms?

What you really need is a way to take all the detailed information contained in your TBOS alarms and convert it into a protocol message that your SNMP or TL1 manager can understand. And for that, the best tool is the NetMediator.

NetMediator TBOS to SNMP and TL1 mediation device
The NetMediator: Mediate 8 TBOS devices to SNMP or TL1, plus terminal server functionality, 32 discrete alarms, 8 analog alarms, and 8 controls.

TBOS alarm mediation and alarm collection

The NetMediator is like an RTU on steroids - it does everything the NetGuardian 832A does, and then some. It's a full-featured alarm collector and protocol mediation device in one. You can mediate and monitor, saving you the expense of buying additional RTUs.

The NetMediator mediates eight displays of TBOS alarm data either to SNMP traps (with the NetMediator T2S model) or to TL1 autonomous messages (with the NetMediator TNT model).

The NetMediator fully captures TBOS data and converts it into detailed, highly informative SNMP or TL1 alarms.

You'll be able to diagnose equipment problems exactly - so you can send the right technician with the right tools on the very first truck roll, reducing maintenance costs and windshield time.

Or create a custom NetMediator for your specific needs

You're not limited to mediating TBOS, SNMP and TL1, either. The NetMediator platform is a general-purpose mediation device, and its capabilities enable DPS Telecom to create a custom solution for your individual needs.

Here are just a few possible NetMediator applications:

  • Converting battery pack voltages to a PC screen gauge for continuous visibility.
  • Activating a camera for a continuous photographic record of facility access.
  • Designing an SNMP interface to a legacy plant control panel.
  • Monitoring your system current draw with a periodic email, reporting amount of amps drawn.
  • Collecting legacy TBOS or TABS alarms using network bandwidth instead of expensive dedicated copper.
  • Accessing the craft or TL1 ports of facility equipment using the Telnet client of your workstation miles away.
Included NetMediator configuration software is easy to use.
TBOS alarm collection configuration is quick and easy with the NetMediator's configuration software.

Easy connection and configuration

The central feature of the NetMediator is the eight serial ports on the back panel. Four of these are standard RS-485 TBOS ports; the other four are RS-232. These ports are primarily used for mediating TBOS alarm monitoring data to SNMP, but they also have other functions.

To configure a specific port for TBOS alarm monitoring is simplicity itself, using the included Windows-based configuration utility. All you have to do is select a TBOS device template from pull-down menu. Once the device is selected, all 64 points of the TBOS display are configured with appropriate preset definitions.

(Current NetMediator firmware supports Alcatel MDR-6000, MDR-4000E DS-3, MDR-8000 DS-3, and MDR-8000 DS-1 microwave radios; if you need support for other devices, please call us at 1-800-693-0351 and ask about firmware options.)

Each point of each TBOS display can be individually configured to transmit an SNMP trap or TL1 autonomous message. You can use this function to forward all TBOS alarms to your NOC or filter your TBOS alarm monitoring so only the alarms you need are forwarded.

NetMediator Back Panel
The NetMediator is a strong one-box solution for integrating TBOS alarm collection and SNMP/TL1, plus RTU functions.

Alarm collection capacity

In addition to its mediation features, the NetMediator also functions as a medium-sized RTU. The NetMediator has 32 contact closure inputs, eight analog inputs, and eight control relays.

That's sufficient capacity to monitor telephone equipment, batteries, rectifiers, door alarms, temperature, humidity, etc., at most average-sized sites. Combined with the NetMediator's TBOS mediation capabilities, you can meet all the monitoring needs of your remote site with this one unit.

Physical unit

On the rack, the NetMediator looks like any other RTU. One RU tall, the NetMediator mounts in any standard 19" or 23" rack, and requires a standard telco -48 volt DC power source.

Extra features

The NetMediator's eight serial ports can also be configured to support other functions:

TCP reach-through ports: when configured for TCP, the serial ports give handy LAN access to remote site equipment such as telephone switches, routers, and PBXs. Connect these devices to the NetMediator and they're available via LAN for rebooting, configuration, and control.

Multiply serial ports: If you need access to even more serial devices, you can connect the DPS Serial Port Switch 8, which connects an additional eight serial ports to a NetMediator serial port. Potentially, you could use a NetMediator to monitor 64 serial devices.

What the NetMediator will do for you

For mediating TBOS alarm monitoring to SNMP, the NetMediator is a great solution. No other unit makes converting TBOS alarms to SNMP so easy - the configuration is so simple it's literally a matter of plug and play.

You can deploy NetMediator T2S units throughout your network and know that every unit is correctly configured. For TBOS-to-SNMP conversion - and don't forget the NetMediator's full RTU capabilities - you won't find a better unit.

NetMediator: TBOS mediation, SNMP or TL1 alarm reporting, Web Browser Interface and More ...

TBOS mediation is just the start of the NetMediator's capabilities. Monitor alarms directly from the Web without a master ... access remote site equipment through terminal server ports ... get email notifications of every alarm ...learn everything the NetMediator can do for you.

See Full Specifications of the NetMediator