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TBOS Mediation With NetMediator T2S

FRESNO, Calif., May 16, 2008 - DPS Telecom, a leading provider of network alarm monitoring solutions, announced today the release of their most advanced TBOS mediation device to date.

The NetMediator T2S G5 takes TBOS alarm data from equipment (such as microwave radios) and converts it to modern, highly detailed SNMPv3 traps. The NetMediator can then send alarms to your master or send instant pager and email notifications directly to your techs in the field.

Compatible with all standard TBOS gear using RS 485 polling ports, the NetMediator T2S G5 is a LAN-based, SNMP/DCPx RTU that monitors up to 4096 TBOS alarms, as well as 32 or 64 discrete alarm points. With its SNMPv3 compatibility, it can report to multiple SNMP masters or the T/Mon NOC.

You've got loads of different TBOS equipment to support from an era before LAN. Is your old TBOS master up and running? Maybe you've made the switch to a modern SNMP manager, but now your microwave radios and other equipment are going unmonitored and unprotected. These days, you need more than just "major" or "minor" contact closure alarm notifications when an event occurs. Without the enhanced functionalities and capabilities of SNMP, your techs may be forced to head to a remote site without really knowing the problem.

Now, you have a solution: The NetMediator T2S G5. You have the choice to use the NetMediator's predefined templates for SNMP conversion, or you can make your own. With the NetMediator T2S G5, unseen TBOS alarm detail becomes informative SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3 traps that accurately isolate equipment problems, before you dispatch any technicians.

In any network, it's important to send the right technicians with the right tools - and most importantly - at the right time. The NetMediator T2S G5 protects your vital microwave and other transport sites by helping to diagnose problems before the very first dispatch. The NetMediator T2S G5 will also page the appropriate technician and alert them of the problem before they get behind the wheel. Understanding the problem before arriving on-site will save your valuable time while slashing maintenance and repair expenses.

When an alarm occurs, how quickly can your techs arrive on-site? With SNMPv3 traps mediated from your legacy TBOS alarm data, the NetMediator T2S G5 can alert the proper technicians the moment an alarm occurs. 24/7 pager and email notifications, along with remote access capabilities, allow the NetMediator T2S G5 squeeze every ounce of investment from your existing TBOS alarm equipment.

And there's a lot more to the NetMediator. The built-in Web browser allows your techs to access the RTU from anywhere. Small to medium networks may not even need a master with the NetMediator T2S G5.

To learn more about this powerful mediation device/advanced RTU, click here.