Medium Site RTUs

These are some good RTUs for use at your medium-capacity sites (requiring about 16 discrete inputs):

NetGuardian M16 / V16

The NetGuardian Voice 16 G2 brings convenient voice dial-out alerts to your medium-sized sites. You'll also have support for 16 D-Wire sensors - which give you excellent analog monitoring capacity for environmental conditions.

  • 16 discretes
  • 6 analogs.
  • 2-18 controls
  • SNMP / LAN.
  • Available with Voice Calling (V16) or without (M16).

NetGuardian 216F

The NetGuardian 216 F is a powerful, LAN-based, fiber-supported RTU with all the versatility you expect from a NetrGuardian. With 2 SFP fiber ports, LAN access for 7 network elements, options for temperature and battery monitoring, and VLAN support, the NetGuardian 216F makes a great monitoring solution for areas without existing LAN.

  • 16 discretes
  • 8 analogs.
  • 2 controls
  • SNMP / LAN.
  • Native T1

NetGuardian 420

This new NetGuardian 420 has 20 discrete inputs to collect alarms from a variety of equipment and up to 6 analog inputs for monitoring sensors, battery levels, generator fuel levels, and other important values. Plus, it has a built-in terminal server for remotely accessing serial equipment. This saves on all those costly truck rolls.

  • 20 discretes
  • 4 analogs.
  • 4 controls
  • 4 terminal server serial ports.
  • SNMP / LAN.
D-Wire D-Wire Support
The NetGuardian ENV can support up to 15 D-Wire Sensors. Even if your site is small, the NetGuardian ENV can help you monitor site temperature, humidity levels and more.
HID Proxy Reader with Keypad HID Proxy Reader with Keypad
The NetGuardian ENV can support a proxy reader with keypad, such as this HID proxy reader. This gives you the capability to control building access with the use of key cards.

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