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Control and Command Remote Equipment from Your Desktop

NetGuardian 832A's terminal server function reduces windshield time

Every network manager wants to find a way to cut unnecessary windshield time. Windshield time isn't just wasted money - it's also wasted productivity and lost opportunities.

Keeping your technicians out of their trucks will trim a lot of overtime pay out of your budget, and it will give your staff more time to work on necessary projects. You can dramatically increase your department's productivity by cutting out the dead time behind the wheel.

Visiting a site just to configure equipment wastes time and money

One of the worst time wasters is configuring and controlling remote site equipment. Driving 30, 45, or even 60 minutes one-way to a remote site - just to plug in a laptop and set up or redo equipment configurations - is just throwing time and money away.

And if you have a large-scale network, you can multiply the work - and the wasted time - almost indefinitely.

In an ideal world, of course, every piece of equipment would have a seamless network interface, and you could connect, control and configure devices without ever leaving your desk.

But in the real world, you're often stuck with equipment that has no means for remote configuration … just a dumb, un-networked craft interface.

The NetGuardian 832A provides LaN-based connections to craft interfaces.
The NetGuardian 832A provides LAN connectivity to craft port interfaces - plus it's a full-featured SNMP RTU.

The NetGuardian provides a LAN-based Telnet interface to your remote site equipment

The NetGuardian 832A changes all that by providing easy, cost-effective terminal server functionality, integrated into a full-featured LAN-based SNMP RTU.

The NetGuardian deploys at your remote sites and delivers easy LAN access up to eight devices connected to the NetGuardian's serial reach-through ports. Each of the NetGuardian's serial ports can serve as a craft port, a channel port, or a TCP or UDP reach-through port.

Directly over your LAN, you can connect to remote-site switches, routers, PBXs - any device that has a craft or serial interface. Right from your desktop, you can connect, configure and control your equipment, with a seamless LAN interface.

NetGuardian 832A SNMP RTU with terminal server functionality.
The NetGuardian 832A monitors 32 discrete alarms and 8 analog alarms, pings 32 network elements, controls 8 relays, provides LAN reach through access to 8 serial ports, and reports via SNMP or DCPx, email, or pagers.

More cost-effective and more reliable than your other connection options

Connecting to your remote equipment via the NetGuardian's terminal server functionality:

  • Eliminates the need for dedicated circuits and recurring monthly costs.
  • Eliminates the recurring expenses of dial-up connections.
  • Is more secure and more reliable than dial-up connections.
  • Cuts windshield time associated with configuration work.

Plus, the NetGuardian's dual RTU-terminal server functionality allows you to use one piece of equipment instead of two at every remote site, cutting your equipment costs across your entire network.

Connect to your remote site equipment, even when the LAN is down

The NetGuardian 832A can also serve as a PPP server for dial-up connections.

Even if the LAN connection to your remote site fails, you can still keep in touch with your equipment via a secondary dial-up connection.

And it's a complete SNMP RTU

Besides its terminal server capability, the NetGuardian 832A is a NEBS-certified, LAN-based alarm collection device. The NetGuardian has all the tools you need to manage your remote site, including stand-alone local visibility options for monitoring alarms directly through the RTU, bypassing the need for a master.

With this one unit you can:

  • Monitor 32 discrete and 8 analog alarms.
  • Operate 8 control relays.
  • Ping 32 IP network devices and verify that they're operating and online.
  • Connect the NetGuardian to your network via LAN or dial-up connection.
  • Monitor alarms and control relays from any computer using a Web browser or Telnet.
  • Send alarm notifications via alphanumeric pager and email.
  • Report alarms to multiple SNMP managers or to the T/Mon NOC Remote Alarm Monitoring System.

NetGuardian: Terminal Server Functions, SNMP Traps, Web Browser Interface and More …

Terminal server functionality is just the start of the NEBS-certified NetGuardian 832A's capabilities. Monitor alarms directly from the Web without a master … access remote site equipment through terminal server ports … get email notifications of every alarm ...learn everything the NetGuardian 832A can do for you.

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