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DPS Product Announcements

Do you have sites where you don't have LAN but T1's are cheap? For these sites, you need an alarm remote that directly accepts a FrameRelay or PPP over T1 connection. The NetGuardian 216T has this capability, and it also provides LAN to 7 external devices using its built-in hub. Think about the improved visibility you'd have.

Imagine the wasted truck rolls you could eliminate. The 216T can also report over LAN, so you can standardize on a single unit, transitioning to LAN when it becomes available at each site. Ask your sales or tech support representative about the NetGuardian 216T with native T1 support.

Battery String Monitor
Are you responsible for remote battery strings? If you're like most people, monitoring the health of your batteries can be tricky. You need a device that can monitor the voltage coming off of each cell, so you can fix any problems before they impact the entire battery string. The BVM 48 monitors analog battery voltage from 24 individual battery cells. The readings are very accurate, even over a small voltage range. The BVM 48 also has 3 temperature sensor ports and 3 general purpose analog inputs. It supports SNMP and has a built-in web interface. Talk to sales or tech support about the BVM 48 for battery voltage monitoring.

Generator Low Fuel Alerts
Think about the last time your backup generator ran out of fuel. Suddenly, you're in emergency mode. Unpleasant surprises like that happen because you don't have good fuel-level visibility. There are 2 ways to attack this problem. The simplest is using the accumulation timer function that's included on most DPS alarm remotes. This timer increments whenever your "generator running" status alarm is active. It pauses whenever the generator shuts down.

If you know your generator can run for about 12 hours on a full tank, you can set up an automatic alarm when the accumulation timer reaches 10 hours. Now, you've got time to react in an efficient way, filling the tank as part of your normal maintenance trips.

If you'd prefer to have a true reading of the current fuel level, you can wire a discrete or analog fuel sensor into your alarm remote. Ask your sales or tech support rep about the accumulation timer function and fuel sensors.

Fiber RTU
Fiber connectivity continues to spread around the world. If you have sites where fiber is available but you don't have traditional LAN, you still need to protect those sites against threats. You need a remote that can natively accept an SFP fiber connection. In addition to giving itself an alarm reporting path, a good remote would also provide LAN to external devices.

The NetGuardian 216F has 2 SFP fiber ports and an integrated 7-port Gigabyte switch. It reports alarms via SNMPv1, v2c, or even v3, plus it has a built-in web interface. The 216F can also report over LAN, so you can standardize on a single unit for multiple site types. Ask your sales or tech support rep about the NetGuardian 216F with fiber interface. Fiber fault monitors are also available.

RTU with UPS and Wireless (CDMA/GSM)
When the power fails at a site, that's when you monitoring gear absolutely has to work. For small or very remote sites, you need a compact RTU that has its own power source.

The NetDog 82 BW has a built-in UPS that provides up to 10 hours of continuous power. And, since LAN will probably be down too, you can order the NetDog with a wireless CDMA or GPRS modem. Ask your sales or support rep about the very independent NetDog 82 BW.

Copper Theft Prevention
At DPS, we're hearing from many of our clients that copper theft is once again on the rise. With the value of copper rapidly approaching its pre-recession high of $4-per-pound, copper thieves are back in full force. To keep your employees safe and to continue providing reliable service for your customers, you have a duty to stop copper theft.

The DPS SiteMon IP camera is an excellent way to deter would-be thieves and vandals. Image capture can be automatically triggered by a motion or door sensor, giving you a chance to dispatch law enforcement and catch the criminals in the act. Images can be exported from the camera's built-in web interface, or from the T/Mon GFX interface.

Weatherproof housings are available for the SiteMon IP, so you can put the same camera hardware in both interior and exterior locations. For more information, talk with the sales department or any support rep.

New Alarm Master Hardware Platform
Are you a T/Mon user? If you haven't heard already, T/Mon has a new hardware platform called T/Mon LNX. While maintaining all of the existing T/Mon functionality, LNX provides a new foundation for T/Mon growth. Right out of the box, you get support for more ASCII processor jobs, more virtual polling loops, and more GFX connections. You have access to the all-new Web 2.0 interface - available exclusively on T/Mon LNX.

Your data is protected with true RAID1 hard disk redundancy. You also have options for the DPS SiteDialer and SQL alarm history. The SiteDialer will call your phone with voice alerts for the alarms you specify. Of course, you can set up intelligent scheduling that will send the alert to technician who's currently on-call.

SQL alarm history can deliver history reports 65 times faster than T/Mon's standard report builder. Plus, your IT group can write their own SQL queries against your alarm data. Ask your sales or support rep about the upgrade discount program for T/Mon LNX.

Alarm Master Maintenance Agreements
Are you worried about getting purchasing approval for your alarm master upgrade? There are two great ways to take care of it ahead of time: T/Mon Gold and T/Mon Platinum maintenance agreements. With T/Mon Gold, you can upgrade to the newest T/Mon hardware during your third consecutive year of the Gold Plan at a 50% discount.

With T/Mon Platinum, your upgrade is totally free every fifth consecutive year of the Platinum Plan. We've heard from our clients that it's much easier to buy future upgrades as part of your initial equipment deployment - when everything is included in one transaction. If you wait until it's time to upgrade, you're forced to go through a second round of approvals.

Of course, discounted upgrades aren't the only benefits of T/Mon Gold and T/Mon Platinum. You also receive extended hardware coverage, priority tech support, an instructional DVD series, and complimentary seats at DPS factory training events. Ask your sales or tech support representative about T/Mon Gold and T/Mon Platinum maintenance agreements.