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The Protocol - Jan/Feb 1999

AlphaMax Gets New Windows Software

New Windows™ based software is now available for the AlphaMax 82A and 82S network elements. The new software provides configuration and monitoring functions for the AlphaMax. While the functions of the software are the same as the T/Alpha software that ran under DOS, the screens and method of configuration are greatly simplified and more "user-friendly."

AlphaMax Screen Shot
User-friendly: New T/Alpha for
Windows™ features user-friendly screens.

According to software development engineer Ted Lesher, the new version of T/Alpha will be much easier for people to use because it uses the familiar Windows™ screen format. It installs and loads just like any other Windows-based software and utilizes all the basic Windows functions.

The new T/Alpha runs under Windows 95, 98 and NT. Once installed, an AlphaMax icon appears on your desktop. Extensive help files are included to speed learning in the use of T/Alpha. Windows™ functions like copy or cut and paste help simplify building configuration files. Four basic windows are used to define the site, pagers, alarm points and control points. Each window provides fields for the most commonly changed values. An "advanced" button allows you to view the less commonly changed fields.

The new software comes on a floppy disk that includes all options and versions of T/Alpha. When you order a new AlphaMax, you will be able to support whichever options you order from one software. The new software will support many of the earlier versions of the AlphaMax you may have in your network.

T/Alpha software is provided at no extra cost with every DPS Telecom AlphaMax.

*Windows™ is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation

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