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Monitoring and tracking battery voltage is one of the best ways to improve the reliability of your battery power supplies. Battery level tracking is the foundation of successfully monitoring your battery cells. Avoiding complete discharges keeps your batteries fresh and prepared to provide power to your critical gear.

First, you need to be tracking voltage levels. This is the core of battery monitoring. You need a battery monitoring system that can continuously measure voltage and track these measurements. By monitoring the voltage of the string, you can tell which cells are deviating from their normal voltage range - which tells you which cells are failing . This way, you can quickly respond and recharge or fix your batteries.

BVM 48 G2 application drawing
The BVM 48 G2 is the perfect device for battery level tracking - allowing you to monitor your critical battery cells to improve reliability in your network.

Secondly, it's critical to monitor temperature. It's not enough to only monitor voltage. Battery cells can get abnormally hot when they are failing - so included temperature monitoring can help detect battery issues long before they can cause serious issues. Early notification gives you the time you need to respond to problems in a controlled manner. Including temperature monitoring with your voltage monitoring is the only way to thoroughly and completely monitor your battery cells.

Monitoring Battery Cells with the BVM 48 G2
If you're not monitoring voltage and temperature simultaneously, you're likely going to miss a lot of preventable failures. This is why it's so important to have a battery level tracking tool that's capable of monitoring temperature and voltage and is easy to install and set up. The last thing you need is to waste costly man hours setting up an overly complicated system.

That's why I recommend looking at the BVM 48 G2. This device is capable of monitoring both voltage and temperature at each individual battery cell, features an easy setup, and has a modern web interface for battery alarm management.

Here's what the BVM 48 G2 will do for you:

This battery level tracking device was created for one purpose: to monitor your battery cells.

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The BVM 48 G2

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