Monitor Your Battery Cells for Superior Reliability

When it comes to ensuring the most reliable network possible, you can't afford to cut any corners. Many companies rely on batteries to power their gear - either as a primary or backup source. When your uptime is riding on your batteries, you can't leave them unmonitored.

Do you know the status of your remote site battery plants? Would you know if one individual jar was falling out of its ideal voltage or temperature range and possibly damaging other cells in the string? Are strap resistance and conductance important parameters to you? At a lot of companies, battery cell monitoring is a commonly overlooked opportunity to reduce costs and improve reliability by facilitating maintenance planning.

By not monitoring your battery cells, you expose yourself to small issues that can turn into big headaches. All it takes is a single bad cell, a faulty connection, or a fully discharged battery and your entire network can come to a screeching halt. To achieve superior reliability in your network, you have to start monitoring your critical battery power.

That's where this White Paper comes in. This Battery System Monitoring guide will teach you...

  • Why You Need to Be Monitoring Battery Voltage
  • The 4 Primary Benefits of Monitoring Your Batteries
  • The 13 Features of a Quality Battery System Monitor

Take a few minutes to read this guide - that way you can avoid costly mistakes by choosing the right battery monitor.

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