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12/24 Power Supply

12/24 Power Supply
12/24 Power Supply converts -48 VDC power into 6 ports of +12 VDC and 6 ports of +24 VDC.

Don't rely on flimsy AC adaptors and commercial power for the equipment at your site. Use your existing -48 VDC power plant to power your +12 and +24V equipment.

The 12/24 Power Supply from DPS Telecom provides power to six +12V outputs and an optional six +24V outputs. There's a separate fuse for both inputs and one for every two outputs, ensuring that if a fuse blows, it won't interrupt function of other equipment connected to the power supply.

The unit's dual power inputs ensure you won't have to worry about a power failure knocking out your site's sensors. If a single -48 VDC power source fails, your equipment connected to the 12/24 Power Supply won't.

The Benefits of Using the 12/24 Power Supply:

  • Use your analog sensors and other, lower power equipment on -48 VDC
  • Available in +12V only model or with both +12V and +24V outputs, to fit your needs
  • Works in common or isolated bonding networks
  • Optional fuse alarm relay can be used to set an alarm if a fuse blows, providing remote visibility on your power supply
  • Fuse alarm LEDs visibly alert you to power problems
  • Easily accessible fuses allow for quick setup and repair if you ever blow a fuse
  • Rack or wall mountable, fits in-line with your equipment

Full Specs

12/24 Power Supply
12/24 Power Supply back panel with 6 +12V outputs and 6 +24V outputs.

Full Specifications:

Dimensions: 1.7"H x 17.0"W x 7.1"D.
Weight: 3 lbs.
Mounting: 19" or 23" rack or wall mount.
Power Input: -48 VDC.
Current Draw: 5 Amps max.
Fuses: 5 Amp GMT for power input
1 Amp for +12 or +24V power output.
Visual Interface: 8 Front Panel LEDs.
3 Back Panel LEDs.
Operating Temperature: 32 to 140 degrees F (0 to 60 degrees C).
Operating Humidity: 0%-95% noncondensing.
RoHS 5 Approved 5/6.