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New Application: Monitor Trunked Radio Systems for More Reliable Radio Communications

Your two-way radio communications are an essential function for the success of your organization. When lives depend on you and your radios, you can't afford to take any risks.

Monitoring Emergency Response Communications is Critical
Reliable communications are especially important for emergency response organizations. When lives depend on you, it's simply too risky to gamble with your two-way communications.

No matter which industry you're in, working without radio communications puts you at a disadvantage. Whether your goals are to deliver 99.999% uptime to your customers or have a quick response during emergencies, having your communications go dark is always expensive & sometimes even deadly.

Let's see the application of how a large U.S. utilities company monitors their trunked radio systems for superior reliability...

See How this Large Utilities Company Proactively Monitors their Radios
When they were faced with the challenging task of monitoring their trunked radio system, they sought out a system that could monitor the voltages transmitted by their radios. Monitoring the forward and reflected voltages meant they could detect when there was a potential problem with their radios.

Application Drawing
Monitoring the forward and reflected voltages with contact closures and analog alarms give an early indication when trunked radios aren't transmitting properly.

To determine if the forward and reflected voltages from their radios were falling out of range, this company needed a solution that could provide them with a combination of discrete and analog points. Whenever the Push-to-Talk (PTT) button was pressed, the contact closure would latch. The transmission voltages were then monitored. If they crossed upper or lower thresholds, an SNMP trap would be sent to the company's SNMP manager.

The NetGuardian 16A Provides Thorough Alarm Point Coverage
With dense analog coverage (16 inputs) and 20 discrete points, you'll have the alarm capacity to monitor all of the critical equipment and conditions for your trunked radio systems.

NetGuardian 16A
The NetGuardian 16A.

With alarm notifications via email and SNMP traps to a NOC/SNMP manager, companies of all sizes will find an alert method to fit their needs. Smaller companies can receive on-the-go notifications straight to their phone, while large enterprises can have all alarms funnel into their 24/7 NOC.

To learn more about how you can improve the reliability of your two-way radio communications...

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