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Complete Remote Cell Tower Monitoring System

If you are part of the telecom industry, you know that cell towers are one of the most important parts of a good quality of service. These towers are distributed over multiple different remote sites. So, to maintain a superior quality of service to your end-users, you need a tower alarm system.

These alarm systems eliminate the challenges of manually monitoring telecom towers. Since they are spread out across various locations, efficiently managing all of them used to be a major challenge. Also, the towers are not the only asset that needs to be monitored, you also have beacon lights, generators, etc.

With a remote monitoring system, you'll get a detailed and comprehensive view of the entire cell tower infrastructure.

Effective, easy-to-install, light-capacity tower alarm monitoring

The Complete tower monitoring system (CTMS) is a durable, customizable, light-capacity tower monitoring solution. The CTMS is designed for easy installation at remote tower sites. Why? This makes it cost-effective to seamlessly deploy powerful alarm monitoring throughout your entire telecom network.

Tower Monitor overview
Weather resistant, easy-to-install, and right-size capacity. The CTMS effectively monitors towers and remote sites.

Powerful monitoring for towers in hostile environments

This time-tested telco-grade remote will provide dependable tower monitoring. It is conformal coated. The NetGuardian 216 G3 is placed within a NEMA stainless steel enclosure.

Why? This allows it to withstand temperature, moisture, and other hazards.

Efficient RTU
The brain of the Complete Tower Monitoring System is a NetGuardian 216 G3.

This unit has 3 major pieces. It has an A/C to D/C converter, an external temperature sensor, and a battery-backed up with a trickle charger. This is a lot of devices in a single box.

The unit also features a processor-controlled heater. This allows it to operate in temperatures as low as -30° C.

The Complete Tower Monitoring System is specifically scaled to the needs of remote towers. It has 10 user-controlled discrete alarms and 1 user-controlled relay. This monitoring solution includes a CDMA Verizon modem. It is able to talk using the DNP3 protocol over serial, cellular, or LAN.

In addition, the Complete Tower Monitoring System can interface with both LAN-based radio and cellular data networks. It can report to existing DNP3 network management systems. It will provide continuous visibility.

  • DNP3 Over Serial, Cellular, or LAN.
  • Battery Backup.
  • Battery Heater and Temperature Monitoring.
  • 10 Discrete User Alarm Inputs.
  • 1 User Control Relay Output.
  • Accessible Web Interface (via LAN).