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Monitor your tower lights and equipment alarms with an RTU in a NEMA enclosure


If you have tower sites in your network, it's likely that you use some form of monitoring to keep an eye on your remote equipment. In fact, the FCC/FAA requires you to at least monitor your tower lights for aircraft safety.

You could hire someone to go out once a day to check that your lights are on. While this may sound silly, it's actually legal under the current FCC/FAA rules. But remember that this hypothetical person won't be monitoring tower lights, HVAC, or anything else.

A good monitoring system can alert you to problems when they happen and - in some cases - even before something goes wrong.

The CTMS contains an RTU, a batter, a power supply and a heater in a NEMA case
The CTMS contains an RTU, a batter, a power supply and a heater in a NEMA case.

While there are many monitoring systems available, they are not all created equal. Most monitoring systems are generic and are manufactured to work for a wide range of applications. Often times this requires you to either compromise on features you need, or purchase more than you need. So, when purchasing a new tower monitoring solution, look for a system with the following:

  • Customizable features and capacity - so you get exactly what you need for your particular system.
  • Option to automate NOTAM tickets for FAA.
  • Durable, industrial-grade enclosure, such as a NEMA case, so your equipment is protected no matter where your tower is located.
  • Detailed alarms that allow you to know what the problem is before dispatching techs. For example, a tower-light failure requires a much different response than an offline HVAC system.
  • Temperature and other sensors for monitoring environmentals.
  • Keypads and other accessories for site security. This will allow you to keep track of who's been at your tower.
  • Money back guarantee or warranty from a reliable company. You don't want to trust the well-being of your tower sites to just any company.

DPS clients have long used NetGuardian RTUs for tower light monitoring because of their time-tested design and reliability.

The Complete Tower Monitoring System (CTMS) by DPS Telecom is no exception. The CTMS is a durable, customizable, light-capacity tower monitoring solution. The CTMS is designed for easy installation at remote tower sites, making it cost-effective to seamlessly deploy powerful alarm monitoring throughout your entire network.

Powder-coated and housed in an aluminum case, this time-tested telco-grade remote is designed to provide dependable tower monitoring. The NetGuardian 216 G3 is placed within a NEMA stainless steel enclosure to withstand extreme levels of temperature, lightning, and other undesirable elements.

An A/C to D/C converter, an external temperature sensor, and a battery backed up with a trickle charger are integrated into the unit to ensure continuous reliability. The unit also features a processor-controlled heater that allows the unit to operate efficiently in temperatures as low as -30 deg. C.

Plus, you get all the great benefits that come with the purchase of DPS Telecom equipment, such as 24/7 expert tech support, web browser access and a 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

You can't afford to let your towers go unmonitored. Stay ahead of outages and downtime with a superior monitoring system. Call DPS Telecom today at 1-800-693-0351 to talk to an expert and receive a price quote.

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