T/Mon SLIM Automatically Troubleshoots and Corrects Alarms

The same alarm can instantly go from minor to critical if something else goes wrong. For example, a low battery might not be a big deal until AC ower and the backup generator both fail, and then it's an emergency.

T/Mon SLIM's Derived Alarms feature gives you the power to instantly track these kinds of changing alarm conditions. Derived Alarms combine inputs from multiple alarm points into a single, software-configured alarm, using simple Boolean logic.

Let's say your low battery is a minor alarm. Low battery AND an AC power failure OR generator failure is a major. Low battery AND AC power failure AND generator failure is a critical alarm.

Derived Alarms can also include date/time factors, so they're great for filtering nuisance alarms. You don't have to be pestered by an alarm every time a door is opened in a busy facility during business hours - but you will be notified if the door is opened by an intruder at night.

Correct Alarms Instantly With No Human Intervention

T/Mon SLIM's Derived Controls are even more useful, correcting problems before any human operator even knows something is wrong.

If critical network equipment fails, T/Mon SLIM can automatically start backup equipment and notify a service tech. If a security door is breached after-hours, T/Mon SLIM can automatically lock security gates, turn on lights, and page security staff.

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