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The Flexibility of T/Mon Slim

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Support for T/Mon software modules
You can order your T/Mon SLIM with exactly the capabilities that are right for you, custom fitted to your networks exact needs.

SNMP trap processing
This optional T/Mon software module enables your T/Mon SLIM to receive traps from SNMP devices, so you don't have to maintain a separate SNMP manager to view SNMP alarms. The added advantage is that SNMP traps are processed with the full power of T/Mon, instead of the bare-bones alarm presentation of the typical SNMP manager.

ASCII alarm processing
You don't ever have to settle for meaningless major-minor summary alarms if your T/Mon SLIM is equipped with this optional software module. Nearly all telecom equipment outputs highly detailed status reports in the form of raw ASCII text. The ASCII alarm processor parses the ASCII stream and extracts alarm messages, which it converts to real-time T/Mon notifications.

Support for legacy remotes
T/Mon SLIM supports several different software modules for polling legacy RTUs from many different manufacturers, including Badger, Dantel, Larse, Pulsecom and NEC. You can have a new, fully capable advanced monitoring system and still keep your legacy remotes.

Automated 24/7 pager and email alarm notification
Who needs a 24-hour manned NOC when simple, cost-effective machinery can do the job for you? T/Mon SLIM's round-the-clock paging takes alarms directly to techs in the field. Email notification sends alarms to any email-capable cell phone and creates an automatic record of alarms. T/Mon SLIM's automatic alarm escalation ensures alarms aren't left unnoticed; if the on-call tech doesn't acknowledge an alarm, T/Mon SLIM will first page the tech again - if there's still no response, T/Mon SLIM will page a supervisor.

Web browser interface
You should always be able to access your alarm information from any location. T/Mon SLIM's Web Browser Interface lets you securely connect to your alarm system from any computer. Remote web access lets on-call technicians connect to the system to acknowledge alarms and drill down on alarms for more information. A web interface also lets you connect to your alarm system without extra software or another interface to learn.

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