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Have an older IAM or T/MonXM WorkStation? Upgrade paths are available

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If you're a current IAM-5, IAM, or T/MonXM WorkStation user, moving up to the new T/Mon NOC is an easy upgrade. T/Mon NOC runs the latest version of the same T/MonXM software you're used to. T/Mon NOC is fully compatible with your existing T/Mon alarm database. T/Mon NOC supports all your existing DPS remotes and legacy devices.

T/Mon Noc Network Alarm Monitoring System
The new T/Mon NOC performs 2-4 times faster and is compatible with your existing T/Mon database.

And if you have a T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement, moving up to T/Mon NOC is even easier. T/Mon Gold Plan members are entitled to 50% off hardware upgrades every three years. Call 1-800-693-0351 today to find out how easy it is to move from your current IAM or T/Mon system to the new T/Mon NOC.

Protect your new T/Mon NOC with a T/Mon Gold Plan

When you upgrade to the new T/Mon NOC, a T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement is the best protection for your equipment investment. The T/Mon Gold Plan gives you an added layer of security for your network, ensuring that your revenue-generating equipment has the best protection possible.

Here's what you'll get with the T/Mon Gold Plan:

  1. 50% off T/Mon hardware upgrades every three years
  2. Priority upgrades for T/MonXM software releases
  3. Priority T/Mon hardware repair or replacement within 3 business days
  4. Priority tech support calls with no per-incident charges
  5. Four tech support check-up calls a year
  6. Free DPS Factory Training for up to three members of your team
  7. Online access to MyDPS and T/Mon User's Group Web forums

Call 1-800-693-0351 today to order your T/Mon Gold Plan Maintenance Agreement.

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