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Legacy Support Integrates All Your Network Monitoring on One Screen

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Legacy Integration
One comprehensive interface for monitoring all your different remote devices over a variety of protocols.
  • Larse Interrogator Software Module - The Larse Interrogator Software Module supports discrete alarm, analog alarm, and control relay functions for Larse™ and Badger™ 1200 and 1400 series remotes. The software module includes pre-defined internal alarm and analog point descriptions are included to reduce databasing time.
  • Badger Interrogator Software Module - The Badger Interrogator Software Module supports discretes, analogs, and control relays for Badger™ 400 series and Badger/CentraLine™ 475 remotes. The Badger Interrogator also includes pre-defined alarm descriptions for quicker, easier databasing.
  • Modbus Interrogator Software Module - The Modbus Interrogator module supports discretes, analogs, control relays and remote provisioning of Modbus remotes and sensors.
  • DCP1 Support - T/MonXM's standard DCP(f) Interrogator now includes DCP1 support for Harris DS5000 and DS3000 and Datap DCP1 remotes.

Get a custom support solution to monitor your legacy equipment

T/MonXM supports over 25 protocols to integrate a wide range of legacy devices - but if you have a legacy system that T/MonXM doesn't currently support, DPS Telecom will develop a custom solution at no risk to you and guaranteed 100%. For full details, call 1-800-693-0351 and ask about custom legacy support development.

XM Edit
XMEdit provides offline databasing from your personal computer.

Offline Databasing for Windows 2000 and XP

XMEdit is now compatibile with Windows 2000 and XP using Microsoft Virtual PC 2004. You can configure and upload your alarm database to your T/Mon using any common Windows based PC.

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