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Test Sets for Easy and Efficient Troubleshooting and Diagnostics

We supply test set hardware and software for TBOS, TABS, and E2A. All our test sets support interrogator, responder, and monitor modes of operation and facilitate equipment troubleshooting, turnup, and diagnostics.

T/E2 & T/BOS Test Set with Deluxe Test Interface

This package contains the T/E2 & T/BOS test set software, an interface box that supports RS485/RS422 & E2A 202 modem levels, cable connections plus a convenient carrying case. Its compact size & functionality make it a field technician's "must have".

T/BOS Test Software with Serial Interface

Test set software operates in 3 modes: Interrogator, Responder, Monitoring. All support the T/BOS protocol. Includes RS485 interface adapter.

T/BOS Test Software

TBOS Test set software only.operates in 3 modes: Interrogator, Responder, Monitoring. Requires an external RS485 interface.

T/E2 Telemetry Test Software

E-Telemetry test software providing complete monitoring, interrogating, responding and testing. Works with all polling modules. Displays status, alarm polling, group polling, variable group polling, variable group size, hybrid polling. Requires an E-Telemetry interface.

T/ABS Test Software

Test set software operates in 3 modes: Interrogator, Responder and Monitor. Supports the AS&C command set. Statistics are provided for layer 2 & layer 3 transport layers. Test set supports both long and short addressing formats. Software includes terminal emulator.

T/E2 & T/BOS Test Set with Deluxe Test Interface D-PG-125-10C-00
T/BOS Test Software with Serial Interface D-PG-200-15A-0X
T/BOS Test Software D-SW-201-15B-00
T/E2 Telemetry Test Software D-SW-110-12D-03
T/ABS Test Software D-SW-250-10B-00

Modes of operation

Interrogation Mode: Allows an alarm device to be interrogated at the field or on a bench. The alarms in the device are quickly relayed to the technician. The test set allows the technician to see equipment alarms without having to call up the control center and more importantly do to so before telemetry links are established. Interrogation mode also enables controls to be issued to devices and maintains communications and error statistics.

Responder Mode: Allows your PC to emulate the alarm output from a device. This is useful for testing transport & central databasing before equipment is installed. Responder mode allows you to send alarms individually or in predefined test patterns. Responder software also shows which controls are being received from the alarm center.

Monitor Mode: Bridges across the transmission path between the alarm master and the alarm remote, and displays the protocol traffic and alarm data. Excellent for monitoring in-service equipment.

TBOS Resonder Output Grid
TBOS Responder Output Grid