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Monitor temperature at cold-storage facilities and get email/SMS alerts

Remote monitoring isn't just for telcos, utilities, or transit companies. If you provide services to clients that are spread out over a large area, remote monitoring can help you, too.

Monitoring tells you when you need to perform maintenance. It lets you alert your clients before problems grow serious (ex. overheating). Monitoring services take your client offerings one step above and set you apart from the competition.

Monitoring is useful for:

  • HVAC companies.
  • Restaurant service companies.
  • Medical service companies.
  • Livestock management.
  • Agriculture.

But you want the best for your clients, so how do you choose the right monitoring equipment manufacturer?

Imagine a manufacturer that provides a simple solution for monitoring your clients' sites (temperature, humidity, power failure). You'd have an easy-to-use web browser interface to keep track of every client and every alarm. The equipment would to stand up to extreme conditions - so that no matter where your clients are, reliable service is guaranteed. To make the service even more reliable, the equipment will provide detailed alarms, as well as email and text alerts, so you always know what is happening.

DIN Diagram
In this diagram, a NetGuardian DIN by DPS Telecom is used to monitor a temperature sensor at a remote site. The DIN then sends alarms to both a cellphone as well as the web browser.

DPS Telecom gives you the tools to easily keep track of client site status, making you look like a hero. You will also increase maintenance revenue because you will know the status of your clients' equipment. This allows you to leverage your existing client base to increase sales. Whether your clients are looking for help with ISO certification or simply being proactive, you will have the solution for them.

While DPS makes a wide variety of equipment, there are some features that are standard for all units:

  • Telco-grade chassis built for harsh industrial environments.
  • User-friendly web interface.
  • SMS and Email alerts.
  • Detailed alarm descriptions.
  • Time-tested equipment.
  • 30-day, risk-free, money-back guarantee.

These features make DPS the perfect solution for you clients' monitoring needs. Plus, DPS products are manufactured in-house. This flexibility means you can get customized products. No matter the specs, DPS can manufacturer a unit that is a perfect-fit for your exact needs.

DPS has done this kind of work many times before. Let's look at one example:

One medical services company contacted DPS recently. They had over 100 clients and needed a flexible remote-monitoring solution for temperatures, humidities, and power outages. Vaccines and other medicines often need to be kept at a specific temperature or humidity level. Anything outside of normal ranges can be costly and even dangerous.

A DPS monitoring system allows this company to get automatic email/SMS alerts whenever a client's storage facility falls out of spec. They can contact the client and solve the problem before inventory gets damaged.

Here's another example from the medical field:

Gaston County Monitors Vaccine Refrigerators And Other Critical Equipment With AlphaMax And DPM Alarm Remotes.

DPMs and AlphaMax Diagram
DPMs and an AlphaMax alarm remote provide straightforward, easy-to-configure monitoring of chillers, pumps, boilers, a telephone room, and vaccine refrigerators - without the need for a central master. Alerts are sent directly to staff via email, text messages, and alphanumeric pages.

Barry Styers is a maintenance technician for the Gaston County Public Works department, helping maintain the county's municipal facilities, supporting the public and the staff that work there. He uses remote monitoring equipment to ensure that multiple pieces of equipment are working in the county's jail, courthouse, and medical clinics. Styers used an alarm remote for monitoring, but it suffered from several hardware limitations.

The older alarm remote also required a battery that had to be replaced yearly. "We couldn't get those batteries anymore, so we decided it was time to get a better system," Styers says. "Now, I have 2 DPMs and an AlphaMax."

To find out how Gaston County uses the AlphaMax and DPM, read the full story: Gaston County Monitors Vaccine Refrigerators And Other Critical Equipment With AlphaMax And DPM Alarm Remotes.