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4 Reasons Why You Can't Afford Free Environmental Monitoring Software

You no doubt have thousands upon thousands of dollars invested in your server rooms, data centers, and remote sites. What would happen if you lost critical functionality to your IT equipment due to environmental conditions your gear couldn't handle?

A network outage is an expensive ordeal - the downtime costs a fortune and your customers are often very angry. If you had the power to prevent many outages from ever occurring, would you seize that opportunity?

environmental monitoring software to protect your network
The diagram above shows a an RTU with environmental monitoring software device that will monitor temperature server room, data center, or remote network site.

One of the most effective ways to prevent many network outages is to use environmental monitoring software to monitor key environmental conditions - that way you're the first to know when there's a threat to your gear.

A common pitfall for many is to go looking for free software to tackle their tough and complicated monitoring needs. Monitoring your network is not an area you cut costs in, because you'll usually end up spending plenty later down the line when some free software you downloaded off the internet lets you down.

The 4 dangers of free environmental monitoring software
Here are the 4 key reasons you must avoid free environmental software:

  1. Incomplete and unintelligible alarm descriptions

    Free monitoring solutions won't track key details like severity, alarm location, or the time. This means, when it comes time to respond to the network emergency, you won't have a clear idea of where the problem is, what time specifically it occurred, and if it is even a severe alarm. Since the free software likely isn't intelligent enough to filter alarms by severity, you may be getting an alarm that doesn't require a response - but you wouldn't know that, because your free software can't tell you.

  2. No user-level permissions

    You don't want inexperienced and untrained employees to have full access to your mission-critical alarms. The right environmental monitoring software will grant you different levels of user permissions. That way, you can limit new employees from having too much access while they're learning and not ready for full responsibility. Or if you have a temporary employee that only needs short-term access to the alarms, you can grant them this limited access.

  3. No graphical user interface (GUI)

    With a free monitoring software solution, you'll likely be stuck with just a list of alarms - and nothing more. There is a night-and-day difference between managing your alarms via a text-only list and managing them with an intuitive GUI. Understanding alarm details and training new technicians is much easier when you can see geographic locations, floor plans, and actual photos. Just imagine how much easier your job could be with a powerful GUI.

  4. No detailed logs

    You'll likely have multiple users managing your alarms, so you'll absolutely need to have some log to track what everyone is doing. Free software is rarely designed to truly support multiple users, which ends up leading to problems very quickly. If someone slips up and makes a mistake, it's essential you know who, when, and where, so you can correct the problem ASAP. With free software, you'll have no idea where to go or what to do in the event of a serious network situation - exactly when you need all the details you can get.

Getting quality environmental monitoring software - without breaking your budget
The good news is you don't have to spend a fortune to get high-quality monitoring software to tackle your monitoring needs. Free solutions just can't get the job done. It's one of those cases where you really get what you pay for.

Just imagine if you had a powerful, intuitive monitoring solution that could handle monitoring your entire network - without exposing you the unnecessary risks of cheap, free software. Picture how much easier your job could be if you were the first person to know the instant there was a threat to your network. And best of all, think about how satisfied your customers would be to know that you're doing everything you can to ensure that you're providing rock-solid and reliable service.

Monitoring your network is a serious issue and you only want serious solutions. That's why I recommend taking a few minutes to read the free Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper

Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper
Download your free Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper!

By downloading this free guide you'll also get a free consultation with the DPS Telecom monitoring experts. With years of experience solving tough monitoring and network problems, you'll be able to design the right solution that's a perfect-fit for your network.

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