The Six Most Frequently Asked Questions About Computer Room Temperature

The technology and equipment in your computer room generates a lot of heat - and this heat poses a potential threat. Overheating is one of the most overlooked threats to the valuable and expensive equipment in your computer room.

You don't want to fall victim to the dangers of overheating, so here are a few of the common questions about temperature in computer rooms.

  1. How important is it to monitor the temperature of my computer room? It is extremely important, and its importance cannot be understated.
  2. What can happen to my equipment if it suffers temperature damage? The best-case scenario involves the temperature of your computer room rising significantly, causing your equipment to overheat and shut down, creating, chaos and disruptions on your network for your customers. Worst-case scenario? The temperature in your computer room rises and causes the equipment to break down and fail, also causing chaos and disruption for your customers, on top of a hefty bill to repair and replace the damaged equipment.
  3. Is temperature-related damage to my computer room preventable? Yes! You can prevent the best and worst case scenario by simply monitoring your computer room. Knowing what's going on inside your computer room is the first step to preventing damage from temperature threats.
  4. This sounds a bit complicated, will it be difficult to monitor the temperature of my computer room? Not at all. Simple, powerful, and intuitive monitoring tools exist to protect you from overheating.
  5. Could you tell me more about these solutions? There are a variety of products out there, but you need the best monitoring system for the job. Powerful monitoring tools, like the TempDefender IT and the NetGuardian with the Vaisala Temperature/Humidity Sensor.
  6. Sounds expensive...Do I REALLY need to monitor my computer room temperature? Yes. The costs from the repair bills for replacing fried equipment and the loss of revenue from customers switching to more reliable businesses are significantly greater than the cost of protection. If your monitoring system prevents just one temperature crisis, it will have paid for itself several times over. Imagine if it prevents two or three problems? The potential long run savings are huge.
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How do get started protecting my business?
Now that you know the dangers of not monitoring your computer room the first and most important step in getting the right monitoring system is having the right knowledge of effective monitoring systems. Many systems just don't cut it - they don't provide you with the advanced tools that you need to be the most prepared. Some shortcomings of many computer room monitoring systems: The three things to look for:

What solutions exist that meet these standards?
Fortunately, there are multiple products that can meet these standards and provide effective computer room monitoring. I suggest taking a look at the TempDefender IT or the NetGuardian with Vaisala Temperature/Humidity Sensor. These network monitoring solutions provide you with the powerful and effective tools you need to give you peace of mind. From analog sensors, to versatile notification options, and an eight person escalation list, the TempDefender IT and NetGuardian give you total control of your computer room. These products also come with 7x24 customer support, that is, support is available to you all day every day.

Now that you're ready to implement your computer room temperature solution, call the monitoring experts at DPS Telecom at 1-800-693-0351 or send them at email at sales@dpstele.com. Don't wait another minute without having the tools you need to keep your network up and running.

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