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Cold Food Storage: The 5 Things You Must Know

If you're reading this page, you probably realize how important it is to keep your storage of food cold. If you've setup a climate control system to keep the temperature of your cold food storage facility right where it needs to be then you've taken a great first step. However, don't get too comfortable because you're still at risk of your food supply perishing while you have no idea that it's happening.

Cold Storage Unit
Cold storage unit - holding your valuable supply of food. Don't put it at risk of perishing because of a temperature crisis.

If you're serious about preventing all of the frustration that comes with your climate control system going down and spoiling the food in your storage, then here are the five things you must know...

  1. It's simply not enough to just install your climate control system and leave it be - you must constantly be monitoring your cold food storage facility. If left unmonitored, you're exposing yourself to one of the biggest headaches: your cooling system goes down and you have no idea, so your food slowly spoils until it's no longer usable. With a simple monitoring system in place, you would know about the problem and would have been able to promptly address it, saving your food supply and keeping your customers happy with your service.
  2. Any random temperature sensor won't do the job. You need advanced analog sensors, instead of the more basic discrete sensors. Analog sensors give you an accurate reading of the precise temperature in the room, whereas discrete sensors just tell you if the temperature has passed a certain point or not. Don't be left in the dark with discrete sensors, you need the analog sensors so all of the necessary information is always at your disposal.
  3. The support system needs to be capable of alerting multiple people in multiple ways. What good is an alert if it's never seen by any of your employees? That's why it's critical to have a device that is capable of at least two alert methods (for example email, SMS text messages, or smartphone alerts) and an escalation lists that allows the alert to be sent to additional people in case the first person alerted is too busy or distracted to notice. This escalation list can mean the difference in your food going to waste and saving the supply.
  4. The monitoring system must be durable and must be reliable. Cheap plastic housing for devices that lack industrial durability just won't cut it - you need industrial grade durability on ultra-stable platforms for the best performance and durability. What good is your monitoring system if it's not durable enough to perform?
  5. Lastly, you need the quality support and assistance to make sure your monitoring system is running at its peak 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Accept nothing less than the optimum 7x24 tech support. It's crucial to have support readily available, that way you're never in the dark about the optimization of your cold food storage facility.

Now that you're armed with the knowledge you need...What comes next?
You realize just how critical it is to keep your cold food storage monitored 24/7, but you're not sure what solutions exist to prevent this temperature threat.

You know what you don't want in a cold storage monitoring system...

  • Cheap hardware that isn't stable...
  • Poor customer service that's only available during "standard business hours"...
  • Basic discrete sensors that leave you in the dark about the exact status of your cold storage facility...
  • Limited notification system...

Imagine never having to worry about the status of your cold food storage facility. Picture the peace of mind that comes with knowing that if there's a critical failure in your climate control system, you'll be notified and you'll have the capability to fix the problem before it hits you where it hurts the most: your customers.

TempDefender IT

"Your cold food storage facility guardian..."

I suggest you take a look at the TempDefender IT monitoring device. This small device sets up fast and easy and supports hundreds of feet of cable - giving you the most versatility in setting up your monitoring network. The device is easily controlled from the web via its graphical user interface (GUI), so you don't have to worry about excessively complicated software.

Call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) DPS Telecom and speak with an expert to figure out the specifics of your monitoring needs. Don't wait and leave your cold food storage facility at risk for a minute longer - protecting your facility can save money, time, effort, and a huge headache. All you need to do is call.