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Telecom Resellers Offer Unexpected Benefits

A telecom reseller is a company or merchant that purchases telecom tools and equipment from larger network carriers and equipment manufacturers. They have the intention of reselling to smaller telecom providers. This is usually done for profit but could be resold at a loss.

What is a telecom company?

Telecom companies, otherwise known as Telecom Service Providers (TSPs), manage the electronic transportation of data. This can pertain to land communication (e.g. fiber optic, phone systems, etc.) and wireless communications (microwave towers, mobile networks, etc.).

TSPs are under the umbrella of Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Other CSPs offer commodities, such as high-speed internet services and managed services. However, telecommunications services focus on electronic data transportation.

Resellers have the advantage of providing the same or similar equipment to private telecom companies. The end goal being consistent network connectivity under a common infrastructure.

Benefits of telecom resellers

The added benefit of a reseller for those on the supply-side would be:

  • Expanded marketing capabilities - additional staff of sales representatives.
  • Less technical support duties - reseller is normally equipped to handle issues.
  • Larger Return On Investment (ROI) - passing the sales, installation, and maintenance duties onto someone else decreases overhead costs.

For residential customers, working with a telecom reseller allows you to garner a personal connection with a company. This is probably more in-tune with your regional requirements than a major firm halfway around the world. By serving a smaller customer base, resellers can provide a specialized level of service. Many big-name companies are unable to offer this.

Telecom resellers allow many people in the telecom industry to receive a better level of customer service with a personal touch. This only comes from dealing with smaller organizations.

The Value We Will Deliver

We at DPS aren't necessarily telecom "resellers". However, we do manufacture our equipment in-house and sell our products to TSPs.

By utilizing our well-trained staff, we enable you to manage a larger, more advanced network with a smaller, less-trained staff. Our tech support is available for free and can help with any questions you may have regarding our products and how to set up your network.

In addition to our excellent tech support, we offer free lifetime RTU firmware upgrades available here. Our products come with a 2-year warranty and we offer a trade-in program whenever you decide to upgrade your hardware.

For over 30 years, we have manufactured all our products in the United States at our office in Fresno, California. This control over our production has allowed us to deliver custom products with custom engineering. We can then provide our clients that perfect fit product.

Throughout the years, we have published over 30 whitepapers spanning many topics from network monitoring, windshield time, and much more. These whitepapers are free to access for you to leverage our massive industry expertise.

The many years of custom engineering give us a unique perspective in that we have seen the evolution of protocols. Today, SNMP is a growing popular choice when it comes to network monitoring. Because of this, we have developed several products that mediate legacy protocols to SNMP.

More than this, our T/Mon master station is our solution to replace your legacy master without getting rid of your legacy remotes. The T/Mon, along with our other products, reduce wasted windshield time driving to and from sites. Our RTUs and T/Mon set apart alarms that require your immediate attention from the non-critical status alarms.

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 1-800-693-0351.