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Protect Your Equipment from Lightning Strikes with the Line Protector 48

If you have remote sites on mountaintops or other lightning-prone locations (ex. flat regions like Florida), you know how expensive the damage can be.

Any time that copper leaves your building, you're potentially vulnerable. This includes copper routed through equipment that is not designed to prevent surges.

You can minimize external copper, but costs vary

There are several solutions that can reduce lightning risk, including:

  • Use fiber when possible because it does not conduct electricity. This isn't available for every type of gear.
  • Use wireless data transmission when possible to create an air gap. You'll need to replace batteries every several months/years, depending on usage.
  • Choose opto-isolated discrete inputswhen possible. These convert electricity to light and then back to electricity to stop surges from passing through. This helps a lot, but the portion of your circuit before the opto-isolation will still generally be damaged beyond repair. It also may not be available from all manufacturers.

You need an economical way to protect external copper lines

Even with the options above, you need a way to conveniently protect copper lines within your budget. Any solution must:

  • Support all of your at-risk lines, which is ALL inbound copper at some companies.
  • Be reliable, since protection from catastrophic equipment damage is no time to skimp.
  • Be self-resetting, so you don't have to visit the site after every surge.

Front panel of the Line Protector 48 SPD device
On this front panel of the Line Protector 48, you'll connect up to 48 copper inputs.

Front panel of the Line Protector 48 SPD device - zoomed to show the 16 left-side connectors
This SPD uses convenient and secure spring-clamp wire terminals.

Back panel of the Line Protector 48 SPD device
On this back panel of the Line Protector 48, your 48 copper lines are now protected against lightning and other surges.

The Line Protector 48 protects your sites from lightning and other surges

That's why DPS developed the Line Protector 48, a new SPD (Surge Protective Device) that's simple to install and use.

The Line Protector 48 is:

  • Self-resetting surge protection for 48 lines.
  • Rack mounted for convenience.
  • Powder-coated for durability.
  • Very easy to install and use with spring-clamp termination (no tools required) and no software or firmware to configure.

Don't risk your infrastructure to lightning for another week

You owe it to yourself to learn more about the Line Protector 48 SPD. Call DPS at 1-800-693-0351 for full specs and pricing.

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