Test Your Alarm Inputs

Test Your Alarm Inputs - And the Rest of Your Monitoring System:

A standard use of the NetGuardian Test Box is to test the discrete and analog inputs of a NetGuardian before attaching your mission critical devices to it. You can send test discrete alarms to each input simply by flipping one of the 32 toggles. You can also send voltages (0-to-input voltage) to each analog input by turning one of 8 knobs. If your master receives the appropriate alarm data from your NetGuardian, you will know that your network, serial, or dial-up connection is fully functional. By testing your alarm inputs during setup, you can check for connectivity issues and verify that your RTU was installed and provisioned correctly.

NetGuardian 3288 Test Fixture
As shown above, the NetGuardian 3288 Test Fixture is connected directly to a NetGuardian 832A G4. With just a few connections, you can test every discrete alarm point, analog input, and control relay. 17 To order, call 1-800-622-3314 or visit www.DpsTelecom.com/info

The user interface of the Test Fixture consists of toggle switches that simulate discrete inputs, dials that simulate analog inputs, and LEDs that light in response to control and fuse alarm outputs from the NetGuardian.

Available Test Box Models:

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