NetGuardian 16S Overview (Cont.)

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Reports to Multiple SNMP Managers and T/Mon NOC Simultaneously

The NetGuardian-16S reports to both the T/Mon NOC Alarm Monitoring System and any SNMP manager. You can send alarms from the NetGuardian-16S to T/Mon NOC and multiple SNMP managers at multiple IP addresses simultaneously.

NEBS-compliant for Guaranteed Reliability

The NetGuardian-16S is compliant with NEBS Level 3 electrical, environmental, and safety standards. NEBS-certified NetGuardian-16S models are available.

SNMP v2c Informs for Robust Message Delivery

The NetGuardian-16S supports SNMP v2c Informs, as well as SNMP v2c and v1 Traps. SNMP v2c Inform messages provide confirmed delivery of alarms. When an SNMP manager receives an Inform message, it sends a confirmation response to the SNMP agent. If the agent doesn't receive the confirmation response, it will resend the Inform.

Alarm Point Grouping: Severity levels, Custom Virtual Alarms and More

Each NetGuardian-16S alarm can be assigned to any of 8 user-defined groups, adding amazing flexibility to how you view and use your alarm data:

  • Custom Alarm Grouping: Organize your alarms by location, equipment type, severity, or any other criteria
  • Alarm Severity Levels: Alarm severity levels are included in the SNMP Traps and Informs, so you can sort alarms by severity even if your SNMP manager doesn't.
  • Custom Virtual Alarms: Create custom virtual alarms based on easy formulas like "Critical power alarms."
  • Custom Derived Controls: Create control formulas like"Turn on generator if any battery analog alarm reaches minor low threshold."
  • Granular Pager and Email Notification: Assign alarm points to specific pager and email recipients. Get paged only for Critical or Major alarms, send power alarms to repair technicians, and send intrusion alarms to security.
NetGuardian 16s interface
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