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Product Catalog and Solution Guide

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Choosing the right monitoring solution for your network is critical. Even if you narrow things down to one good vendor, you have the daunting task of comparing all of their devices. Once you've sorted through everything, you must somehow choose the right one for your monitoring application.

But where do you start? How do you know what to look for?

Many companies will offer a product catalog that list specs for all their products. You know the one - three inches thick with tissue-paper pages. After a while, everything looks the same. How are you supposed to make a decision?

These catalogs are want to sell you products without educating you enough to make an informed decision. This is only helpful if you already know exactly what you want. Otherwise, the overwhelming flood of information makes your decision HARDER.

Odds are, what you're really looking for is a solutions guide. You need a simple product showcase (perhaps 15-30 pages) that allows you to compare only the core features and devices. You're trying to get your bearings about what's available so you can, ultimately, make the right decision for your network.

A good solutions guide will explain the various things you can accomplish and provide a product example. You'll learn enough to make an informed decision for your network monitoring.

The Product Catalog and Solutions Guide by DPS Telecom explains several products that suit specific applications. Specification tables summarize product detail so you can do side-by-side comparisons, while product pages go into more detail about each devices' strengths.

Although DPS has thousands of possible product configurations, this guide is an accesible starting point. After you've found something in the solutions guide, DPS sales engineers will help you fine-tune your build options.

Make an informed decision and purchase the best solution for your network: