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NOS Communications Builds a New Network with NetGuardian RTUs

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Andrew Melton

If you were building an international long-distance network from the ground up, what kind of alarm monitoring would you choose? Andrew Melton of NOS Communications, Inc. had to make that choice. Because of his real-life operational experience with the unit, Melton chose the NetGuardian 832A.

The Challenge: Mediating Contact Closures to SNMP Traps

Andrew Melton, NOS Communications' Senior Director of Global Network Operations, is part of the team that is building the new network. Melton said that the NOS Class 4 switch sites hold a variety of equipment, all of which needs to be monitored.

Melton said his primary need was to mediate contact closure alarms from the switches and other site equipment into SNMP traps, to be forwarded to NOS Communications' SNMP manager"Our biggest need is taking the alarms out of the switch, the discrete-based points, converting them into SNMP traps, and then using those to set off a chain of notifications," Melton said.

Solution: NetGuardian Mediates Contact Closures to SNMP Traps and More

Based on Melton's experience at Cypress, the NetGuardian was his natural choice for monitoring NOS Communications' new long-distance carrier network.

"The NetGuardian does everything we need it to do. It has the ability to interface with all our equipment, whether it's a CSU/DSU or a Class 4 switch," said Melton.

"We use the NetGuardian as an SNMP mediator - it brings in contact closures, analogs and relays, translates them into something compatible with our IP network and integrate that into our SNMP network management system," Melton added.

NOS Communications also depends on the NetGuardian's advanced features like terminal server ports and ping alarms. "We need the NetGuardian's remote craft port access. It allows us to access equipment with one small device, where otherwise we would need modem lines or other elaborate ways of communicating. We also use the NetGuardian for pinging, to make sure IP devices are still up," Melton said.

Melton said his future monitoring plans are to add more NetGuardians as NOS Communications builds its network.

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