The NetMediator Takes Care Of Your Monitoring Needs

The Medium-Capacity RTU that Takes Care of Your Monitoring Needs in 1 RU

The NetMediator also serves as a medium-capacity RTU, so you can take care of your monitoring needs with just this one unit. The NetMediator's 32 discrete inputs bring back the contact closure alarms you need to monitor in your facility - saving you the expense of buying additional RTUs. Eight analog inputs monitor voltage or current and report live values of temperatures and battery levels. And the NetMediator's 8 control relays give you control over additional remote site equipment.

Remote Access

All of the NetMediator's functions can be accessed remotely - giving you an alternate back-up method of monitoring alarms and checking the status of your TBOS radios. A built-in security permissions feature ensures that only authorized users get access. The NetMediator requires only minimal configuration - just specify your type of TBOS equipment from a predefined list. (Current NetMediator firmware supports Alcatel MDR-6000, MDR-4000E DS-3, MDR-7000, MDR-8000 DS-3, and MDR-8000 DS-1 microwave radios. If you need support for other devices, please call us at 1-800-622-3314 and ask about firmware options.)

Firmware upgrades are free for the life of the unit and are downloadable via the front-panel craft port. A simple download can add new capabilities to your NetMediator at any time, without altering the hardware.

Local visibility features include audio and visual notification of alarms, including an LCD display that shows alarm descriptions in plain English.

All this functionality comes in a slim 1 RU unit that will save your rack space for your revenue-generating equipment. Plus, you'll get all the advantages of a DPS Telecom product, including a 2-year warranty, 24-hour technical support, and a 30-day no-risk money-back guarantee.

White Paper: Demystifying the MIB
Learn the purpose and function of MIB, how to read ASN.1 code, and how to evaluate SNMP equipment.

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