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Secure Rail 2017 - Thanks for Coming, Download Presentation Slides...

Orlando, FL - It was great to see so many of you last week at Secure Rail 2017. Hosted by Progressive Railroading Magazine, Secure Rail 2017 focused on rail security. The event included two days of speaking sessions and networking breaks in an expo hall. DPS participated in both aspects of the event.

As the second day opener of the event, Andrew Erickson of DPS Telecom, gave a presentation on How to Remotely Monitor Your Trackside Cabinets and Telecom Sites. His 11-point presentation discussed the importance of monitoring your telecom equipment in the rail and transit industries. Lack of monitoring can leave a security hole in your network, making it easy for people to hack critical information or even physically break in.

Andrew speaking at Secure Rail 2017
Andrew gives his top tips on effective monitoring of trackside cabinents and telecom equipment at Secure Rail 2017

Andrew mentioned that telecom monitoring is universal, regardless of industry, and highlighted some of the pitfalls of not properly monitoring telecom equipment. The In-House Solution Stack Hack, one such pitfall, is a popular "fix" that ultimately gets a lot of companies into trouble. You start off with a great "DIY" idea that isn't scalable and that no one will support.

To combat these pitfalls, Andrew gave the following tips:

  1. Know EVERYTHING about your environmentals
  2. Get notifications wherever you are
  3. Anything can be monitored
  4. Buy from a partner
  5. Monitor site weather before truck rolls
  6. Know when legacy tech becomes a liability
  7. Monitor your tower lights
  8. Leverage automatic alarm notifications
  9. Plan for reasonable future growth
  10. Plan your goals first - then make budget concessions
  11. How will you learn to use your system?

Download Andrew's Presentation, How to Remotely Monitor Your Trackside Cabinets and Telecom Sites for more details on each of his tips.

After the presentation, a few attendees mentioned having experienced some of the major pitfalls Andrew mentioned in his presentation. We discussed some equipment options that would give good monitoring and avoid any of these difficulties.

If you have a network (whether you work for a railway or not), you need to be monitoring it. Call DPS today to discuss your options: 559-454-1600.