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Power Monitoring Equipment Tutorial: How to Choose the Right System

Power outages damage much more than you think. A power outage can cause hefty repair bills, lost revenue, and frustrate too many customers. Using the right power monitoring equipment can prevent much of this damage - and protect your bottom line.

Industires where power monitoring equipment is critical
Examples of industries where you can user power monitoring equipment. Don't leave your crucial power grid unmonitored - it's a costly mistake.

Protecting your company with power monitoring equipment doesn't have to be a hassle and it doesn't have to be expensive. Using the wrong power monitoring equipment - that lacks the true features to get the job done - can leave you with a false sense of security. You may feel like you're adequately monitoring your power grid, but in reality you are just as vulnerable.

Choosing the right equipment is simple

Avoiding equipment that lacks features is the first step in securing your power infrastructure. Too many systems fail to see the big picture and leave out critical features that really make a difference. Here is a list of the key features every power monitoring equipment should have:
  • Easy-to-use web interface - Power monitoring equipment shouldn't be needlessly complicated. Having complicated interfaces make setting up your system a real pain. You don't have to waste time training employees how to use a complicated system. Nor should you have to deal with confusing alarm management that leaves employees scratching their heads without a clue what to do. The right equipment should have an easy-to-use web interface. This allows you to setup and manage your alarms with ease from any computer.
  • Detailed alert messages - Managing and responding to network emergencies using alerts with limited detail put you at a disadvantage. Receiving an alert saying "Control Relay 7 Failure" doesn't help you much, but receiving "Backup Generator Offline" gives you the detail you need respond to the alert. Don't settle for power monitoring equipment with vague alerts - get the detail you need to do the job right.
  • Multiple alert methods - Having multiple options to receive alerts gives you the true flexibility you need. Being limited to only internal alerts to a master station won't do you any good if it's 2am and you're at home sleeping. Having the option for alerts via email, pages, SMS text message, and voice alerts give you the flexibility to respond to power emergencies - no matter where you are or the time of day.
  • Back-up reporting paths - If your primary LAN reporting path goes down then you will lose all connection and information from your equipment - exactly when you need it the most. Having support for back-up options (such as dial-up) give you the extra assurance that you'll never be in the dark.
  • Control relays for remote control - Many remote site problems can be resolved by restarting some equipment or turning on a generator. Having support for remote access allows you to control the external devices at remote locations - saving you valuable the time and money of driving all the way to a remote site.
  • Durability - Unstable software platforms operating on cheaply built hardware are destined to fail. Your power monitoring equipment won't do you any good if it's constantly breaking. Using a system operating on ultra-stable platforms on industrial-grade hardware gives you the rugged durability you need to effectively monitor all of your equipment, infrastructure, and remote sites.

The power to prevent outages can be yours
It's true. Having the power to respond to emergencies before they cause serious damage or outages is a reality. Having the right power monitoring equipment gives you this power. How much easier would your job be if you didn't have to jump in your truck and drive to a remote site just to turn on a generator? Would your life be so much easier if you could prevent an outage just by having the knowledge your generator is starting to overheat?

NetGuardian 832A G5 for power monitoring equipment
The NetGuardian 832A G5 - a powerful remote terminal unit (RTU).

You're a professional and you only want the best, so I recommend the NetGuardian 832A G5 remote terminal unit (RTU). This powerful device is a common solution to many tough power monitoring challenges. This device has all the features you need to give you the satisfaction of knowing you're protected. On top of all its features, the NetGuardian 832A G5 comes with world-class 7x24 (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) tech support - so you're never alone monitoring your equipment.

Don't leave yourself at risk for another day - call (1-800-693-0351) or email (sales@dpstele.com) the power monitoring specialists at DPS Telecom. They can answer your questions, help you pick the right monitoring system, or even provide you with a Return-on-Investment ROI) analysis - so you can see exactly how much you can save.