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How Outdoor Enclosures Can Protect Your Valuable Equipment

Most of your network gear doesn't stand a chance out in the rain or the snow. If you want your equipment to withstand harsh environments, then you're going to need a reliable method to protect it from the elements.

When you have equipment located in extreme environments, it becomes even more important to make sure you're monitoring that equipment. Due to the higher risk of failure/breaking (from harsh weather), you'll need to deploy a monitoring system that can report the status of your mission-critical equipment.

How to Achieve Extreme Weather Resistance
By placing your equipment (both network and monitoring) in an outdoor enclosure, you'll be able to protect your equipment from the harsh elements. These outdoor enclosures (often called NEMA enclosures), are built to withstand extreme environmental conditions. They're waterproof and can protect your gear from the rain and snow.

DPS Telecom equipment in an outdoor enclosure / NEMA case
You can place your critical monitoring equipment inside an outdoor enclosure.

You simply place your equipment inside one of these outdoor enclosures and your gear can now be used wherever you like - regardless of the environment. You can achieve network visibility at sites you never thought possible. This leads to a greater and more reliable network.

Monitoring Your Equipment Maximizes Reliability and Saves You Cash
Since you want the most reliable network possible, you can't afford to cut corners. Skimping on quality or skipping network monitoring entirely limits your network's reliability - meaning you'll be exposed to an outage crippling your network and even disrupting service to your customers.

By deploying a monitoring system in your network, you'll enjoy multiple benefits. You'll have greater visibility of the equipment at all of your sites and achieve greater levels of reliability. A more reliable network means...

  • Your technicians spend less time repairing and getting your network back online
  • A higher quality of service to your customers
  • Significant gains in productivity, because your team spends less time fixing problems and more time working on important projects
Outdoor Enclosure Application Drawing
By enclosing an Entry Control Unit in a NEMA enclosure, you can achieve functions like entry control at outdoor locations, without having to worry about extreme weather damaging your gear.

Maximizing Your ROI
Squeezing the most out of your equipment is the best way to maximize your ROI. Having devices that can perform multiple functions and give you additional benefits means you get more without spending extra. How do you get more out of your monitoring system?

Using a good monitoring system will provide you with more functionality than just monitoring your mission-critical equipment. The right monitoring system will also come with control relays - which allow you to remotely operate your equipment. With control relays, you can control any device that you normally operate with a switch or a button.

This means at your distant remote sites, you'll be able to...

  • Power cycle jammed gear without driving miles and miles
  • Remotely open doors
  • Activate backup equipment during an emergency
  • Reduce your technicians' windshield time - so they can spend more time working on important projects and less time driving around

A single monitoring device with capacity for control relays can lead to rapid savings. It'll pay for itself many times over with how many truck rolls it can prevent - especially to sites that are susceptible to extreme and hostile weather conditions. Instead of taking snowmobiles to reach a site, you can access your equipment remotely - right from your desk.

How to Get an Outdoor Enclosure for Your Gear
Protecting your network uptime is a serious issue - and you want a serious solution. Just think, you can attain greater levels of productivity and network reliability - without spending a fortune on useless gear. With an outdoor enclosure, you can now deploy more network and monitoring equipment across your network - regardless of weather conditions. Both you and your customers can enjoy better network reliability.

"While the quality of your equipment speaks for itself, without a doubt the best part of working with DPS was your customer satisfaction. Your multiple phone calls to see if there was any support we needed, were above and beyond what we expected. It truly made the difference. Thanks again for the product and most of all, for the service and the support."
-P. J. Renehan - Project Manager, MOTOROLA

In order to truly protect your network through monitoring, you're going to need to understand the basics and essentials of monitoring. A good monitoring system can bring unparalleled levels of reliability to your network - but it can also quickly become a sinkhole of costs, delays, and wasted efforts. To achieve greater network visibility and reliability the right way, I recommend downloading and reading the free Network Alarm Monitoring Fundamentals White Paper.

This guide will provide you with a solid foundation to choose the right network monitoring system for your network.

On top of reading this free tutorial, you can also contact the monitoring experts at DPS Telecom. They can answer your tough questions, help you plan your monitoring project, or even provide you with a free ROI analysis.

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