One Stop Shopping - Integrated Monitoring

Facing Complex logistics and operational integration

Integrating a complete alarm solution piecemeal can be a daunting task. First you have to do fairly in-depth research to determine compatibility between products, involving lots of specification reviews, web access and phone calls. You have to take numerous factors into consideration ranging from: Protocols, electrical interfaces, physical issues and transport. After all that, you're still not a 100% sure that all the pieces from multiple vendors will work right with each other. Next, your supply chain still has to place multiple purchase orders from multiple vendors. They might even have to set up several new vendors. You also want to be sure to avoid the multiple vendor support finger pointing as you try to get it all working. (It's always the other guys fault). Bottom line, you need to find a way dramatically simplify the entire deployment process.

DPS is your one stop solution

DPS products interface well with each other. Whether it is from alarm master to RTU, RTU to sensor, or anything in between, DPS products get the job done without a lot of hassle. DPS designs and manufactures all of its alarm collection devices and master stations. DPS does provide one stop shopping for various third party sensors and accessories. This provides you the reassurance of knowing we did the due diligence to make sure they are compatible. If any questions come up, you only have to dial a single tech support phone number, to get assistance from somebody who is properly trained on that product. Your purchasing and accounts payable departments likewise will appreciate having pleasant interactions with a single company

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